Your Good Skin Review

Your Good Skin Review

The Your Good Skin system, is a new and exclusive product which has landed in Boots during the last month or so. Trust me it’s pretty dang hot off the shelves and promises to ‘Deliver healthier looking skin within 28 days’ but does it actually work?

I’ve become a skincare junkie as of late. The history of my rather grey and pale face is thus: Dry patches on the T-zone; combination skin which is sensitive and prone to contact dermatitis reactions, mild rosacea and some random hyper pigmentation from the odd spot that shows up once every four weeks *epic eye-roll*.  My pores? Not the best, but not too shabby. I don’t have any acne scars. Because… don’t pick your zits guys!

Anyhoo… Since deciding to take care of my formerly goth-like face I can finally wear foundation without looking like a snake on holiday. Not that I bathe in layers of the stuff on a daily basis, but it has been fun discovering what works for my skin type.

So, I picked up my package of Your Good Skin which consisted of 3 products that covered the 3 vital stages of typical skin care – deep cleansing, deep treatment and deep nourishment. Here began my trial… For the deep cleanse phase the Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser was pretty much like a spa treatment at home and probably my favourite product out of the 3. First you must apply it to dry skin, then massage it in.  I kid you not – like magic this stuff melted away anything I had on my face.  It melted a full face of make-up, we’re talking Pennywise standards of cake face here, gone, POOF! In the wipe of a cloth!

Containing ingredients like Bisabolol which is an essential oil extracted from chamomile (yup that wonderful soothing chamomile!), Vitamin C – which is a legit skin SAVIOUR, if you see this in a product you’re laughing – and green tea, days later my skin felt softer and less irritated after the cleanse.  The bottle also contains SHED LOADS of product so it feels like it’ll last some time. The pack comes with two cotton cloths which are soft to touch, wash well (oh yes, remember to wash your cloths!) and handle removing the product (and my bake-off entry face), with ease.

Bakewell tart anyone?


Your Good Skin
Your Good Skin

The Purifying mask treatment – the deep treatment phase, is a mineral clay mask designed to absorb excess oils, which clay masks do amazingly well and they’re great at zapping impurities too – think pollution and all that kinda guffins. Containing the same ingredients as the hot cloth cleanser, I knew my skin would be safe in YGS’s dermatologically tested hands – but absorbing excess oils when you’re predominantly dry skinned?


Oh wait, nothing bad happened! In fact, it balanced my skin out really well! It smelled good, dried insanely quick even though it is advised to remove when almost dry, which when you do, it’s like you’re experiencing a silky bunny caramel moment. It left me with a more even / less red toned complexion – that’s the green tea talkin’! Making me feel like a pampered princess. Whoop! Oh, and again it contains LOADS of product. I did find that it applied better when using a brush, enabling me to get a more thorough coverage. Which then leads me to, what I believe is the core product in the YGS range – The balancing skin concentrate.  This bad boy is designed to improve the 5 key signs of healthier skin.  Small side note:

I AM SO GLAD THAT FOR ONCE A SKINCARE RANGE ISN’T MARKETING TOWARDS ANTI-AGEING! Honestly! Ageing is natural, it happens and you can’t fight your genes! You can however, feed your skin, protect it from sun damage, and just keep it happy. A status quo, a skin Zen if you will! P.S. you’ll forever be gorgeous

So! Firstly, I love the design of the bottle. It’s pretty swish and super smart looking on my vanity table.  Two small pumps twice daily is all it takes to feed your pretty lil’ mush – and it smells really nice.  By nice I mean expensive cream nice, minus the expensive.  Unfortunately, after the first few uses I did have a slight dermatitis reaction across my forehead – but it wasn’t angry which was a plus, and it soon waned after the first week as my skin adjusted to the product. From there on my skin was smoooooth.

I also found that once applied, this serum also dries insanely fast, I was shocked to find my skin touch dry within moments and immediately softened – what kind of sorcery is this?! – It also managed to leave my skin a lot more matte looking, banishing any 90’s sweat glow look to the depths of Lee Evans’ armpit – BE GONE!

Overall, the skincare routine is impressively great – and it doesn’t stop with these 3 products, they have so much more to offer in this line! With the range being predominantly paraben and fragrance free, I AM PRETTY MUCH SOLD! (I’m totes eyeing up the Instant dryness rescue moisturiser next) take all my moolah!

The Your Good Skin range is available from Boots stores and

See you soon gorgeys!


Author Bio

Zara loves all things makeup and beauty. When she’s not drooling over makeup stalls and things that she cannot afford, she’s usually slummy mummy-ing around with her two kids (and her big kid husband). She also spends her days abusing most Snapchat filters, admittedly much more than any person humanly should… oh dear! Catch her on Instagram if ya like!

*All thoughts and opinions remain the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of Sareta Fontaine. 


  1. Sareta

    ANYTHING IS WORTH A TRY! That’s my phrase at the moment lol! My skin has been terrible lately, not sure if it’s the weather or what, but I need help. As you know I got their wipes and matte lotion- me thinks I need to give this stuff a try too!

    • Zara

      The hot cloth cleanser is a GODSEND! Honestly it’s amazing, AMAZING!

  2. Hayley

    Great review and love the anti-ageing/not anti-ageing reference. Touché.

    • Zara

      It’s so refreshing to see it not bandied about like it’s a bad thing to age!


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