Yindi Curls; Curly Hair Masterclasses for parents

Yindi Curls; Curly Hair Masterclasses for parents

Yindi Curls, forgive me! I have literally been meaning to write up this blog post for the longest time. The summer holidays were just ridiculously (unsurprisingly) busy. ANYWAYS, Yindi Curls lets discuss who they are and what we did.

Yindi Curls is a hair workshop facilitator and online hair education series, based in the UK- that promotes positive self-esteem and hair care love to children and their parents/carers. Yindi Curl’s workshops aka Curl College are designed to offer support and advice to parents/carers of particularly – although not exclusively black and mixed heritage children, who want to learn about the techniques, products and tools needed to care for their children’s hair more effectively. – Yindi Curls

Zachary (my mega curly headed one) and I were fortunate enough to be invited to a Yindi Curls workshop. Not entirely knowing what it was about, I asked Zachary if he was interested in spending the day with me, he jumped at the chance.

Since Zachary was little, I’ve used so many different hair products and figured out that water is a curly haired person’s best friend. To rejuvenate his ringlets, I’d spritz with water, add a bit of hair oil and done. Easy. Why would I need to attend a curly hair workshop? – Side eye the invite.

Well, I was wrong. The both of us learnt so much! Like, literally so much. There was information about hair growth itself, information regarding the structure of the hair and a mini science experiment to figure out if how much moisture your own hair can absorb. Let me take back that side eye girl.

The day started nice and early with a vegan breakfast (served by Bexfast), then went into live demonstrations by celebrity stylist Carmen Amelia and talks by Treasure Tress. Both of which were super knowledgable in their fields. The demonstration itself was so professionally run and well organised- I can’t praise Carmen enough.

During the workshop, we were shown how to make natural deep conditioners consisting of Avocado, essential oils and many other secrets (tasty) vitamin-rich ingredients. Now, I say secret because I can’t share the details of what went into this. You’d have to attend a masterclass for yourself, but let’s just say IT’S AMAZING. We made two jars and the contents are still fresh (Jared in my fridge)- yep, over three months old. This stuff is like gold, diamonds, unicorns, rainbows and amazingness for your curls. Seriously, our hair felt amazing after we did a little pampering sesh.

We left with a whole haul of products in our goodie bags. A Treasure Tress box containing so many hair products, and not just sample sizes either (I hate that). Also, Yindi Curl’s goodies to remind us of the day. In all, we learnt so much and were treated beyond belief! Not only did we take away heaps of knowledge, the products were plentiful.

In all, it was a fab day.

Tips that we can share with you-

  • Tangle Teezer brushes are a curly haired guy or girls best friend. Get one, they’re amazing.
  • Don’t go overboard with shampoo, co-washing (washing only using conditioner) is great for curls. Curls need moisture and shampoo can strip away natural oils and moisture.
  • Deep condition your curly hair at least every two weeks.
  • Leave in conditioner is like… the most amazing product I have ever used. Use it on damp hair and seal with a hair oil afterwards. (I found out I’ve been using these products incorrectly for like, forever.
  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Cotton can absorb all the moisture from your curly hair and even cause breakage. Protect your hair and it’ll repay you by flowing gorgeously like a beautiful mane. Love it and it’ll love you back.




*The experience was gifted to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Danny

    I like your blog posts, cos I actually get to find out what you do when I’m not with you, haha! I love my curly family ?❤️❤️❤️

    Instadad. X

    • Sareta


  2. Zaralouu

    That last tip of the cotton pillowcase absorbing product is AMAZING – maybe that’s why mine always looks frizzy ??? (I only have naturally wavy hair though) this sounds amazing I’d love to have been a fly on the wall. Also Zachary’s hair is amaaaaazing, he’s got gorgeous curls! Model in the making or what?

    Now if they can make a masterclass on how to deal with rubbish hair I’ll have to peg it down ?

    Loved it!

    • Sareta

      Defo try it, I’ve noticed that my hair is quite dry in the morning- and I don’t like covering it up at night. Always falls off anyways. Take a look on Ebay- ‘bargainage’!!!!

  3. Nahdia

    This blog was so informative. I am really interested in attending the event with my boys now


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