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Honest conversations about transitional phases individuals experience to grow, or ‘rebrand’ to become their most authentic selves. Hosted by former ‘Mummy Bloggers’ Sareta Fontaine and Chioma Olaleye and guest featuring professional ‘rebranders’.

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How Not To Start A Podcast. E10

Wondering how to start a podcast? We share our experiences starting up a podcast with some tried and tested do’s & don’ts. You’re welcome!

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Covid Rebranded: Omicron. E7

Chioma & Sareta discuss the latest variant of Covid-19 ‘Omicron’ …or is it Omarion? Whatever it’s called, it’s led to the return of restrictions.

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Reality TV. E6

This week, Sareta and Chioma discuss the phenomenon that is reality TV and the way in which it’s used by celebrities at various points in their career.

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Code Switching. E4.

This week, Sareta and Chioma talk about having to adapt to fit into certain spaces – changing the way we look, behave and speak…or not!?

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Aim High! E3.

Sareta and Chioma realise that they may need to aim higher! So many others have been able to achieve their dreams despite a lack of qualifications, experience or ability.

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What’s In A Name? E2.

Sareta and Chioma discuss their various name changes, IRL and on social media, how a name can transform someone’s identity and how they are perceived.

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