Aim High! E3.

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Women Who Rebrand - Podcast e3

In episode 3 of ‘Women Who Rebrand’, Sareta and Chioma realise that they need to aim high because so many others have been able to achieve their dreams (even if they are withdrawn a few days later) despite a lack of qualifications, experience or ability.

The conversation goes from real-life to reality TV to politics and the ladies even turn their hands to a bit of agony aunting.  Remember to reach out if you need some advice in your life.

‘Women Who Rebrand’ is a podcast about women who have started over for various reasons and continue to navigate through life as their new, authentic, rebranded selves. 

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Women Who Rebrand – Honest and humorous conversations about the transitional phases Women experience to grow, start over or ‘rebrand’ to become their most authentic selves. Hosted by former ‘Mummy Bloggers’ Sareta Fontaine and Chioma Olaleye and guest featuring professional ‘rebranders’.

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