Women Empowered – Sketch, London

Women Empowered – Sketch, London

It’s 2018 and the ‘Year of the Woman’, in celebration of this sketch has opened it’s ‘Women Empowered’ exhibition. The venue recognises the work of Women through this captivating exhibition, talk series and private dining room.

The Women Empowered Exhibition starts within the main entrance of sketch, amongst it’s recognisable (and truly Instagramable) decor. A collection of magnificent artwork and installations can be seen; unforgettable pieces by Dianne Harris, Lauren Baker, Denise Jones, Eliza Douglas, Harriet Fleuriot, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings.

Sketch‘s summer showcase runs from 8th June – 2nd September. The exhibition itself coincides with London’s ‘Women: Work and Power Season‘, events that celebrate women that have made their mark in UK history and helped define the nation. What better way to recognise the efforts of remarkable women than to celebrate in the most momentous way. Art meets womanhood and the female form with delectable results.

‘Power Women’ by Dianne Harris will see a spectacular new holographic installation created for ‘Women Empowered’. Dianne aims to heighten the awareness of human potential and question self-imposed limitations of individuality that serve to confine the very nature of our ideas, thoughts and being. Denise Jones will be showing two works which look at embroidered cloths worked in Holloway Prison by Suffragettes -The Waning of the Light (2017) The Spirit Level (2016) –sketch, London 

Women Empowered

Lauren Baker

‘You Move me’

Medium: Crystallised, beating heart sculpture. The Anatomical heart was moulded from a real human heart. It begins to beat –  with unnerving realistic movement and sound – when people are near.

Women Empowered

sketch Telephone bookings: 0207 659 4500

Online bookings: sketch.london/booking

sketch, 9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG

During July, sketch will unveil ‘The Millicent Fawcett Room’, a two-Michelin-star private dining room (fancy!). Giving props to Dame Fawcett who spoke at a public meeting held at 9 Conduit Street (sketch‘s current abode) calling for the enfranchisement of women. This was the first of many speeches which led to her becoming a recognisable champion on women’s equality. *High-Five Ms Fawcett!

Having partnered with Her Stories, sketch‘s efforts to support women has gone even further than recognising such a monumental occasion. Her Stories is an annual art auction and creative appeal that raises money for marginalised women in the UK. Volunteers work to help highlight the need for social change and are aiming to raise money to support refugees and migrant women through a series of events during a live auction dinner. Tickets go on sale this summer, keep an eye out for their online auction which opens late October.

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