The summer holiday weather gods haven’t been very kind to us recently, so a lil trip to the Walala X Play exhibition in the NOW gallery kept the kids entertained (and dry).

NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula’s cultural platform for exciting design, fashion and art exhibitors, is delighted to welcome renowned digital print designer Camille Walala as its 2017 Design Collaborator. From 14th July – 24th September, WALALA x PLAY, an interactive abstract installation and immersive maze will capture the imaginations of NOW Gallery’s audience this summer.

With 4 kids of all different ages in tow, I was a bit worried about which one would get bored first. As an adult I like exhibitions and getting out to soak in all that creative magic, but the kids, not so much. In between keeping them alive and asking them to be quiet, I want to enjoy my time… however, the first tantrum usually ruins that. The WALALA X PLAY exhibition was not only fun, but small enough to keep the kids interested. Now obviously, this is a grown up space, it’s not aimed specifically at kids. Don’t rock up with your 4×4 monster truck of a pram and expected Mr Tumble to greet you at the door. If your kids are ok in confined spaces without shouting and running around for lets say, 20 minutes, then you’re fine.

The brightly coloured mirrored maze was so addictive. Spaces seem to change as you walk around in different directions, which can be confusing for an *8 year old kid. *MY 8 year old kid walked into a mirror thinking it was a way to get out (lol). The bold stripes and polka dotted walls would make any creative squeal at the thought being a part of it. Camille Walala has found a way to transport you into a fun, interactive art installation which is light-hearted and safe for all ages. A brilliant FREE activity to fit into your summer holiday schedule.

Parents, don’t expect to spend lots of time in here. The installation itself isn’t huge, there are periods where you’ll need to book, so don’t travel all that way just for a 15 minute time slot! The O2 is right next door so I took the kiddies for dinner, then a River Bus ride down to Westminster. In all, they were entertained for more than enough time, tired out by the end of the day and left happy! YAY!


Private viewings are available 13th July, RSVP info@nowgallery.co.uk

NOW Gallery has also commissioned Camille Walala to create two unique ping pong tables in Peninsula Garden.
Get a bat and ball from NOW Gallery reception and play a WALALA game of ping pong. Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm & Sat – Sun 11am – 4pm.



  1. Veronica

    Looks wicked hopefully we will get down there!

    • Sareta

      Make sure you do, it’s really fun! x

  2. Zara

    Oh man we need something like this up Brum ways…

    Although I’d pretty much do the same and walk into a mirror too ?


    • Sareta

      You never you, she might take it up there!


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