Who Voted? – General Election 2017

Who Voted? – General Election 2017

It’s election time and I’m so not political. I admit I know far much more about American affairs and TV for that matter, ask me about Olivia Pope and her love for Fitz, I could talk. Ask me to name 5 MPs, I couldn’t. I could however, name 5 reality TV stars in the blink of an eye.

Header image – Yvandy Davis founder of Mums That Slay reppin her “Corbyn” Tee.

There has been so much coverage in the last few months about politics, its been the most boringly dull thing I have ever been bombarded with. Now, I know it’s important, but when Facebook turns into debates about who and who not to vote for it becomes tiresome. Where can I escape the mundane theatrics of politicians if Facebook isn’t popping out funny cat memes or hilarious videos of Pandas rolling around? Everyone has gone nuts and I just really want it to end. Thank God it all ends today… with a vote.

Yes, I know a little bit about what’s going on. May is apparently bad, Corbyn is good, Red, Blue, Labour, Conservative, blah, blah, flippin blah. What doe’s it mean for me? Well, apparently someone somewhere decided that we’re rich. I’m obviously not going to talk figures, but I know we can afford to eat, drink and clothe these three kids of ours. Not in designer gear mind you, I shop in H&M like a lot of mamas. So yeah, if Labour wins, we’re £250.00 down per month. PER MONTH. Thats a whole chunk of change, and a whole lot of cutting back for the family. Before you get on your high horse and tell me to stop doing my monthly shop in Marks & Spencer’s calm your tits. I’m either in Sainsbury’s, Lidl or Asda. Food shopping in M&S is a distant dream when all my kids have moved out and are fending for themselves and not raiding my cupboards for cereal bars and juice. I’m not rich.

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If Conservative wins, well, that means we’ll be cool. Maybe, just maybe we can afford a bottle of Cava with Sunday lunch and the kids can get name branded trainers once or twice a year. I can continue my fortnightly trips to the salon to get my nails and lashes done, and we could probably go on a couple of holidays a year too. Selfishly, that sound pretty amazing you know. Why would I have it any other way?

Why? Well this obviously comes at a cost. A cost for the less fortunate, the ones who for whatever reason haven’t been able to climb the ladder. Who have been prevented in whatever way, who aren’t in our shoes. Yes. Some would argue that hardworking people shouldn’t suffer for those who haven’t bothered and rely on handouts or benefits, but those are the minority. What about the rest? Disabled, mentally ill, single parents, homeless? Why should they suffer? Surely, there needs to be some kind of balance? Everything (god forbid) could completely change for us- if we were both out of work for whatever reason, we’d need help, and help will fortunately come in the form of benefits. That can only happen if they exist. Zach’s trip to A&E last month was funded by the NHS. We didn’t have to pay a penny, I could only image the horrific bill we’d end up with if the NHS wasn’t around.

Luckily I see through the mist of selfishness and know that people are only going to rise up if others help. Our extra tax payment, well, I’m pretty sure all those trips to the doctors, hospitals and all the accidents we’ve had in the past has that covered. That’s why I voted for the majority.

If it means that someone can live comfortably because we’re cutting back, well thats just fine too. Cava, Adidas, Disney Land will come in good time, they can wait.


  1. Lizzie

    Wow. Two hundred and fifty entire pounds. I legit would not blame you for voting Tory, because in your situation I probably would. Like you said I don’t see you as rich, how can I when you can’t even afford to live in London? What does rich even mean these days? But I’m proud of you for voting selflessly, and we’ll see what happens in the morning! X

  2. Yvadney @ Mums That Slay

    Yes my friend. That is what I’m talking about, we’d be better off too, but no. How can I enjoy the swag life, when other people are suffering. That’s why I voted Labour and rocked my Corbyn tee with pride!

    Yvadney xx

  3. The mysterious DF

    It’s a very good post – and I’d hate to turn this into the Facebook world of amateur politics, but do remember that there’s a LOT to consider in both parties manifestos – it’s not just about taxing the rich and giving to the poor, it’s about how you choose to spend a finite pot of money, and also about strong leadership. We must consider security, immigration, healthcare, education, Brexit, a stable government, the elderly, climate, national debt, world politics…the list goes on. That said, I think the sentiment of this article is bang on. X

  4. ZaraLouU

    Props for voting regardless! – I’m the other end of the spectrum, as a family we just touch ‘poverty line’ yet we don’t claim benefits. Because that touch doesn’t allow us too (And to be honest I’m not sure we would anyway) that being said our vote solely rode on the NHS and schools. Our future generations – especially in regards to the NHS (as parents we can easily have input to education with the kids, it shouldn’t just be left to school really, but anyway) I always seem to think that tories are heading towards selling off the NHS… that worries me ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’. Each one of them stand there today because an NHS midwife helped bring them into the world…

    But I’ll stop now because politicking can be boring asf lol



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