Fancy 5 top tips for Travelling with kids?

Fancy 5 top tips for Travelling with kids?

Nahdz is an expert when it comes to travelling with kids, more importantly, her kids! She shares her travels on her blog which is why we thought it would be pretty awesome if she could let us in on her secret… how do you travel so frequently with kids?

I often get asked how I afford it and how I manage so I decided to share some tips with anyone who would like to travel with kids. Travelling has always been a passion and after having children I decided that this wouldn’t stop me. I live a minimalist life, I don’t buy expensive clothes or shoes, I don’t get my nails or hair done, I only go out for special occasions and birthdays and because of that, I am able to travel often. My boys are fortunate to travel several times a year and they enjoy it. I think it is important to expose them to different cultures and lifestyles so I try to do that as much as I can. Ahaziah my oldest loves Jamaica and Micaiah my youngest loves Sri Lanka. I travel as a family of four, a family of three and also as a group as this is a great way of building different memories with different people, it also gives us the chance to spend quality time with each other.

Tip One
When booking a holiday I book wherever is cheap. I put a number of counties into the search and filter the cheapest one, I don’t limit myself to a particular place because I genuinely want to see the world. For example, before booking Sri Lanka I was looking at all countries in the Indian Ocean along with Asia and Sri Lanka was one of the cheapest along with Thailand but Sri Lanka had better value for money so I went with that.

Tip Two
Be organised, you may well decide that you want to go somewhere in particular at a certain time so if you can, try to book in advance. When I took the boys to Disneyland Paris for Christmas I knew it could be expensive so I booked my hotel a year in advance which was very cheap and booked my flights as soon as they were released. Being organised means that you can search for deals, then you can usually afford to go away more than once!

Tip Three
Try Eurocamp! Last year was the first year we tried out Eurocamp and it was fantastic. If you don’t mind your accommodation being a caravan then go for it. For me travelling is all about the experience and staying in a caravan is so much fun. The boys love it, we play board games and have a BBQ. When I do Eurocamp I go with a friend who also has 2 children so we split everything which works out super cheap.

Tip Four
Put a deposit down. I cannot save. Something will always come up which I would sacrifice however if I need to pay a holiday balance or direct debit for a holiday it is just as important as any other bill therefore if I have put a deposit down I am going!

Tip Five
You only live once, So live your best life. Don’t get too comfortable, take risks and travel while you can.

My blog has more detailed information including price breakdown, excursions, transfers etc. so feel free to check them out, full details below.

Happy Travelling!
Nahdz xxxx

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  1. Lizzie

    I love this so much. I’ve been trying to travel as much as I can over the last 5 years because I always thought that once I had kids – that’s it – my life as I knew it would be over with no time or money to travel. But you’ve given me hope! I just now need to find out how to work around this “getting fined for pulling your kids out of school” thing because.. I’m so not here for peak time prices >_<

    • Sareta

      I’m loving all of these tips! Eurocamp has so many deals as well- and yes out of term time. Rest assured, you will still be able to travel once you have kids, just fit it all in before they turn into moody teenagers ?????

    • Nahdz

      Peak prices are a JOKE however if your child generally has 100% taking them out for 2/3 days before or after a holiday is fine with most school (you generally are allowed 10 days unauthorised absence) shhhh don’t tell any one and it’s upto Head Teachers digression. Prices drop so much in a few days x

  2. Sareta

    I’m so inspired, I really can’t wait to travel more with the kids! We have our first holiday coming up in May half term, but now seeing all your pics Nahds, I’m not worried at all lol! Travel and seeing different cultures is the best education any kid can have, your boys are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful mum x

    • Nahdz

      Thank you hun, I am glad I was able to give you and your readers some tips. I look forward to seeing a write up of your first adventure x

  3. Zara

    Ok, so Y’all need to tell me ‘bout this Eurocamp life. Because I ain’t been on a proper holiday since the 1 digits entered into the millennium…thing.

    Lol! Ace post though – I need to take heed!


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