Tootsa! The award-winning unisex brand for awesome kids

Tootsa! The award-winning unisex brand for awesome kids

Toosta MacGinty, a unisex brand with nostalgic qualities and hard-wearing details. A fabulous children’s brand that any parent would be proud of having within their child’s capsule collection.

Tootsa MacGinty collections are styled exclusively for children, we don’t have separate sections for boys and girls.

Our clothes are bright and cheerful and as colourful as a paintbox. Designed so that kids can run, jump and play and feel comfortable all day long. Riding a bike, scooting along the pavement or whizzing down the slide in the park is easy peasy in Tootsa MacGinty.

I love a collab, especially when we get to do something with a brand that I admire so much. Tootsa’s brightly coloured collection has been seen all over social media on the likes of a few of my favourite Instagrammers, in particular, Mummy Piggles, and her beautiful and witty daughters.

As an advocate of unisex kids clothing, not only does it make shopping easier, but ethically speaking it just makes sense. I’m so over brands having distinctive sections in their stores with the label “Girls” and “Boys”. I’ve stated it before, but I hate the notion that kids are made to feel like they can’t wear certain things because their gender doesn’t match the classification.

I will mix and match to suit my kid’s wishes, which have included glitter pumps and unicorns. #BoysMatter.

Brands such as Tootsa just makes my life easier

In a drop of a Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter collection, you’ll have everything you need to please your little fashionista… or yourself for that matter. They have some pretty fab pieces for big kids (grown-ups) too.

Featured on Sareta Fontaine   

Letting kids be kids

Tootsa’s designs are not only bold and fun, but the quality is also superb. The pricing is definitely not geared towards your lower-end, fast-fashion types. There’s a but! Once you take a closer look, you’ll understand why.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship is just magnificent. After graduating in Fashion Design & Technology, and being a mum to three energetic boys, I can honestly say that Tootsa standards are way up there. Kids can move around and get dirty without their parents’ worrying about rips or split seams. Something that may concern you regardless of how much you’ve spent.

Elastic waistbands, resilient stitching and fun designs that let kids be kids and not, what seems to be a trend, ‘mini adults’. Yes, a brand that finally understands what I am looking for.

Thank you Toosta!

Tootsa MacGinty, available online and can be seen in pretty squares.

*Items were gifted to style and review, and of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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  1. Zara

    These are so so cute! I really need some for my pair! Omg my son and daughter in matching clothes would be #goals


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