How Not To Start A Podcast. E10

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Women Who Rebrand - Podcast e10

Ever thought about starting a podcast? This week, it’s back to just Sareta and Chioma. In episode 10, the topic is everything that they have learned about podcasting since working together on, not one, but two whole podcasts.

They spend their time together reminiscing on their first foray into podcasting, their podcast baby – “Come Wine With Me”, a visual podcast that involved them doing the absolute most, completely unnecessarily (You can still catch episodes of Come Wine With me on YouTube, if you’re interested, btw…)

But, despite running before they could walk, every experience is a learning opportunity and CWWM led to Women Who Rebrand

Inbetween the podcast chat, they also discuss Valentine’s/Galentine’s, their simultaneous love, and lack of knowledge, of horror movies and Peter Dinklage 

Finally, based on their own experience, the ladies give some words of advice on what to think about before embarking on your podcast, including the importance of the name, knowing your ‘why’, understanding who your audience is, getting the equipment that you need and what else you can do with your podcast – monetization and beyond.

9 Tips – How To Start A Podcast

  1. Think of a title and concept; can you cleverly combine the two?
  2. Get suitable equipment. Your audience wants to be able to hear you clearly; invest in a good mic and set of headphones.
  3. Remote recording? You need a good WiFi connection; there’s nothing worse than robotic sounds and iffy internet connections.
  4. Who is your target audience? Know who you’re talking to, understand their interests, they want to relate to you.
  5. Keep on learning. You may feel that this is enough research, it’s not! There are YouTube videos, *masterclasses, **workshops, books, and blog posts devoted to starting up a podcast. Check out Content is Queen “The Club for Ambitious Podcasters”.
  6. Podcast cover art. Think catchy and original. Can you create it yourself, or do you need to find a graphic designer?
  7. Podcast hosting. We currently use Anchor which connects to other platforms such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more. However, Acast is another popular podcast hosting site.
  8. How often should you release an episode? Can you commit to daily or weekly shows? How often do your target audience watch shows? Do your research and be realistic.
  9. Music. Love Cliqué by Ye? Love the track on your own time, don’t use it for your podcast. There are Copywrite laws that prevent the usage of songs you haven’t paid for. Don’t get sued, create your own jingle or have a look for royalty-free music online.

*The Podcast Show 2022. “This two-day international festival will host the cream of the global podcast community with pop-up stages, major guest appearances, keynotes and never-seen-before exclusives from partners. The Podcast Show LIVE festival is set to get London buzzing, giving thousands of visitors the chance to experience their favourite podcasts live in venues including The Union Chapel and Islington Assembly Hall.” – The Podcast Show 2022 tickets

**If you’re a woman interested in starting your own podcast, or fine-tuning your show, the ‘Content is Queen Women’s Podcast Festival’ is taking place in London Saturday, 18 June 2022. “Content is Queen presents the Women’s Podcast Festival, a one-day event that unites the global community of female innovators and leaders in podcasting, audio and radio. Connect with the women shaping this rapidly expanding medium, hear their stories, celebrate their successes and connect with their brilliant minds. – International Women’s Podcast Festival 2022 tickets

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