Spooky Packed Lunch – #Halloween

Spooky Packed Lunch – #Halloween

I have a soft spot for all things dark and macabre, so there’s no wonder I get a bit giddy and a bit over enthused during this time. IT’S OCTOBER! The time for scary movies and all things Halloween. Tee hee hee.

Ok, so I know Halloween was born out of an era where Satanical worship was all the rage, but I like horror movies, and I love Zombies and Vampires and all that shiz, so why can’t I get involved, PG style? I can, coz I’m a grown up and I only get to do this once a year. #SorryNotSorry devout ‘Anti-Halloweeners’.

Anywho, the boys and I were in the supermarket for ages, then got sidetracked by the Halloween aisle. We all played and I had a fab idea that I thought I’d share with you… Spooky Packed Lunches.

VERY EASY Instructions:

Vamp Juice- It’s Vimto… shh.
Rat Poop- Don’t worry, they’re only Currants!
Trolls Toe Nails- Sliced Celery… phew.
Pumpkin Head- Sharpie meets Satsuma. It was a happy union.
Cadbury’s Spider chocolate- Hopefully I didn’t treat with a trick!
Monster Sandwich- Ok, two googly eyes, sharpie mouth.. kinda sounds like a real monster to me.

This is just an idea that my kids would enjoy. I don’t usually give them chocolate at school, but hey, Halloween only comes around once a year!

Get your imagination flowing, spaghetti worms, mummified drinks cartons, it’s your time to have a bit of crafty fun for a change. Check out my Pinterest board if you need some inspiration.

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Fancy surprising your kids with a spooky packed lunch this October 31st? Take a tiny bit of Halloween fun to school this year! Will you Trick or Treat?


  1. dylan

    I love your new post mum! Looking Forward to more posts!

    • Sareta

      Thanks Dylan 🙂


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