Selfish Mother

Selfish Mother

It’s an annoying phenomenon that people assume that kids with long hair are girls, even if they are kitted out in stereotypical boys clothing. No pink, no frills, no cute little bows; just long hair… *sigh. Whilst looking for a T-shirt or some kind of badge that clearly states “I am A BOY!” I found a cute lil’ T for Zigs… well that was easy, thank you, Selfish Mother.

Selfish Mother “We are a blogzine. We are a shop. We are a social media gaggle.“.

Selfish Mother launched their apparel to show solidarity for the global ‘sistahood’; their profits go to ‘Women for Women International’ which is a charity that helps women rebuild their lives through training programmes. So far The Mother Shop has donated over £65,000!, selfish mother sweaters, selfish mother blog, mother black sweater selfish mother

Online shopping is the way forward, well it is for me anyways. No annoying staff asking me if I’ve found what I’m looking for – hey buddy, I’m browsing, I have eyes. No over-crowded isles which allow clothing to attack my buggy and make me paranoid that there’s something stuck in the sides making me look like a professional shoplifter. No little people telling me that they are hungry or that they need a wee. Well, they do, but we’re at home so they can sort themselves out enabling them to STFU, win-win situation here, online shopping is the best.

Selfish Mother is a blogzine, by that, I think they’re basically letting us know that they’re an awesome blog and more. They also have a shop which is where I got Ziggy’s “Boy” T-shirt from, and obviously, because he got something awesome, naturally I shouldn’t miss out. I mentioned previously that I get paranoid about silly things, well, I sometimes think people assume I’m Zig’s nanny or some random lady who stole a child. He has crazy straight blonde hair and could pass for Kate Hudson’s kid… I mean really, straight AND blonde? So, another reason why I was able to treat myself – a “Mother” Sweater. It’s both sad and amazingly cool that I would dress similarly to my child, but it’s a bit of fun and how long am I going to be able to do that? I love it, “Mother” and “Boy”, you can’t be confused any more, folks., selfish mother sweaters, selfish mother blog, mother sweater selfish mother, selfish mother sweaters, selfish mother blog, BOY tshirt selfish mother

Prices range from *£10-£45, Fandabidozi! See more at Selfish Mother, The Mother Shop!


*This price range was valid during the time of publication. 

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