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Sareta Fontaine - Artist; Comedy Creator, Writer, Designer, Blogger
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Sareta Fontaine is a comedic creator who loves to share her experiences in life with people and audiences alike. From pre-recorded shows to live assemblies, Sareta enjoys discussing current topics as well as explaining what it’s like to be her; a freelancer, visual creator, parent, social media enthusiast, and so much more!

Sareta has a multifaceted career as an artist; she creates engaging content in the form of video, imagery and creative writing. While collaborating with brands, Sareta has had the opportunity to speak on guest panels, radio, appear on-screen and attend events.

As a creative who works hard, but plays harder, Sareta’s chosen vocation has taken her far and wide; she has travelled, made incredible connections and has enjoyed every minute. See more – Press

INSTAMUM- Written by Sareta Fontaine and Produced by Francesca Marie Claire & Katy Poulter.

The story so far

Sareta Fontaine started off her blogging career in 2016 by creating Kiki Blah-Blah; a modern lifestyle blog. Sareta worked on the platform, both designing and creating a space for other bloggers to share their thoughts and feelings, while also sharing hers. The blog won three awards, including Business Social Media Influencer 2018-UK Blog Awards, Business Lifestyle 2018- UK Blog awards and The Next Big Thing 2017-Thirty Plus Awards. Fast forward to October 2018, Sareta decided to blog under her own name, take a few posts with her, and the rest is history!

Having studied Fashion Styling, Hair & Makeup at The London College Of Fashion and an HND in Fashion Design & Technology, Sareta’s creative influences have always been visually based. Rather than working in clothing upon graduating, she decided to delve deeper into the world of Makeup Artistry; Sareta started her career as a professional Freelance makeup artist, which took her as far as the USA and back and collaborations with international artists.


Sareta Fonatine - The story so far

After eight years within the world of fashion and media, which included the odd assistant styling jobs and television appearances, Sareta took to working online and creating an award-winning blog while raising her three sons. Although the blog is her currently her primary focus, she has enjoyed taking part in live panel discussions, an appearance on an online show and interviewing celebs and fellow influencers.

At every stage of Sareta’s ever-growing career, she has excelled in being a brand in herself, a forefront and point of call for everything that she has created. 

Sareta is currently working on numerous projects. These projects include comedic writing, an online series, a new blog and a collaboration with fellow writer Chioma Olaleye.



Hours online per day

Social (ish)


Content creation doesn’t have to stop at ‘instagrammable’ images! Sareta Fontaine has created entertaining comedy shorts depicting the modern reality of life as a ‘mummy influencer’ and parenthood.

Series include ‘Ask me a question’; Sareta answers a question sent in by a member of her audience, sometimes joined by a special guest. ‘Instamum’; Sareta shares the crazy side of ‘mummy bloggers’, incorporating her dry sense of humour.

Sareta also creates video content in the form of brand collaborations and advertisements; ideas are welcome!

As a mum of boys, Sareta enjoys including her family within her work. Their individual style and personalities gel well on and off screen. Sareta, Zachary, Ziggy (and husband Danny), are available for both solo and group projects.

Brands, Ads & Collaborations

Oh So ‘Instagramable’

Sareta Fontaine
Sareta Fontaine
Sareta Fontaine
Sareta Fontaine
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Get in contact

Literary agent – Davinia Andrew-Lynch, ANDLYN 

Media enquires – • PR/Brand Collabs

If you’d like to enquire about future collaborations, or send over a “how do ya do”…

Terms and Conditions

Samples sent are for consideration only, Sareta Fontaine is under no obligation to share gifted items with her audience.
Content, including any accompanying information such as blog posts, captions, and hashtags, will need to be kept as authentic as possible; it would be advisable to familiarise with work before requesting to collaborate.

Sareta’s family are available to take part in projects, please be aware that they will also require payment as per the stated fees.


Payments Terms

A non-returnable deposit acts to secure the agreement between both parties. Payment of such is required before any commencement of work. A final invoice will be made available upon completion of the final instalment of action; this includes published content and or public appearances. Invoices are issued, and payments must be made within 30 days.

Sareta Fontaine understands and will exercise her statutory right to claim 8% interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if payments are not made according to agreed credit terms.



Please get in touch for full terms and conditions.

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