Rueybear – Kids & Adults Gender Neutral Apparel

Rueybear – Kids & Adults Gender Neutral Apparel

Autumn has finally graced us with its presence, which means we can dig into winter collections. Chunky knits, oversized coats and cosy clothing for the little ones. With that, let’s check out the cosy side with Rueybear…

Rueybear– Ethical fashion for little people that doesn’t compromise on style.

We focus on contemporary, gender neutral designs that are bold, bright and fearless and enable movement and play. Because when you’re little life should be about exploring and having fun!-

Zigs and I were lucky enough to get our hands on some Rueybear apparel, ethically sourced, genderless goodies. Right up our street. You know I’m all about gender specific clothing, especially for my boys, even more so for Ziggy.

Brands seem to usually forget that boys like colours other than blue. Like, seriously, big brands, if you’re reading this, boys like colour, there’s an entire rainbow of possible colours, you don’t just need to give me one colour. Again, this was another reason as to why I loved Rueybear as a brand.

Ziggy absolutely loved the items sent, and so did I. The sweater and matching joggers were a hit, the autumnal mustard colouring, the repeating pattern… My initial response was, these are going to keep him nice and warm, and I love the print. I was right and he absolutely loved them. He’s worn them to nursery and was warm, comfortable, cosy and able to move around and play. Everything you’d want for an active kid.

I must stress, I loved my lil matching leg warmers, I’ve always wanted to be that mum that has matching outfits wit their kids… but again… gender specifics, le sigh. It’s almost usually mums and daughter who get matching apparel, not fair!

Also, Jess, Rueybear creator, apologies, but I couldn’t resist slipping on one of my leg warmers onto my cutie pooch Eleven, lol! She was a bit shivery on our walk, so you know, sharing is caring. She looked great, I may have inspired a Rueybear doggy range, who knows!?

The coral doggie pants and matching infinity scarf, listen… not only is coral my fave colour but I get to match again. So cute, so comfortable and so warm.

Rueybear is such a fun brand, I couldn’t resist getting to know the mama behind the business. I had to do an interview with hers truly…



SARETA: If I’d never heard of your brand, how would you explain it?
JESS: Hello! Firstly thanks for featuring Rueybear your blog, I’m so chuffed. I would describe Rueybear as a super cool organic clothing brand that offers an alternative view on kid’s fashion. We create ethical fashion that doesn’t compromise on style and is gender neutral. Most people think of ethical fashion as a bit staid and boring so we’re here to challenge that and say you can look FRESH, fun and unique and still spend your money consciously. Looking and feeling good about the journey our designs have been on from cotton farm to finished garment is a big part of our brand ethos. Lots of brands tout them themselves as being ethical with little to back it up, but did you know that GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton means cotton farms have strict social criteria to make sure child labour isn’t used, as well as environmental and ecological criteria? Rueybear only uses GOTS certified cotton for everything we create.

SARETA: You describe yourself as a ‘Mumboss’ break it down for our readers, what does that mean?
JESS: Hmm. The term Mumboss started off as a hashtag I liked on Instagram and now it’s turned into something I really like, identify with and am proud to call myself. I suppose at the start of the RB journey I thought “what’s the big deal? I’ve got a kid and sometimes I make clothes that little people like, I’m not Anna frigging Wintour or anything!” But then I remembered I’m English, and that’s what we do, total self depreciation of ourselves and our achievements. It’s like, “Oh, it’s nothing” about this small business I invest every ounce of my spare time! No one likes blowing their own trumpet (apart from Makka Pakka), so yeah, back to the question. Basically taking life advice from Makka Pakka, I’m saying I’m the boss, I’m the Mum and I’m mega proud of both so I’m owning it. Being a Mum and a boss is a minority group so let’s make ourselves heard and support each other. I also really like the term female boss as it’s more inclusive, but that’s another deviation on my feminist journey of discovery!

SARETA: Day to day, how do you handle being a mum and a boss, like, when do you switch off?
JESS: This is the hardest part of life, spreading yourself very thinly like the last bit of marmite on some soggy cold toast to be shared with the whole family which quite often just gets thrown on the floor. I switch off when I sleep I think, which like any parent isn’t as much as I’d like but it’s more than most I reckon. Rufus likes his kip so I’m blessed there. As well as Rueybear, I’m also a part time nurse in sexual health which was my full time career before kids. Maybe something I didn’t realise until recently is that adult interaction is just as important as toddler/ kid time. When Rufus was teeny I didn’t mind so much but as he’s got older I need to be Jess as well as Mum. To cut a long and very waffly story short I think I’m shit at doing nothing, which is a curse more than a blessing to be honest. I’d like to be more zen you know? My ever loving patient man is always asking me to put my phone down whilst I’m doing RB stuff on Instagram. I need to work on this one, he deserves it and is so supportive, also how am I gonna lay down the law about screen time as Rufus gets bigger when I’m hooked myself? I came off Facebook when I found out I was pregnant to have some privacy, then I discovered Instagram! And here we are. Ahhh!

SARETA: What’s your favourite piece in your collection and why, come on, tell us why we should buy it!
JESS: I think my all-time favourite are the retro jungle print harems, they’re so bright and colourful. I’ve never seen anything quite like that fabric design anywhere. I love the colour and design, it reminds me of a late 70’s early 80’s kid’s TV shows like Parsley the Lion. We will be launching a romper, sweater and hat in that design very soon. You’d need shades to be seen out with a little person wearing it.

SARETA: If you could see your brand in a UK store, where would it be?
JESS: Oof! This question is so tricky as our brand ethos is not aiming for big stores, more bucking the boring trends of the high street and retaining our cool as an inde brand!! BUT, this is hypothetical, and who knows what might happen in future?
So, if dreams could come true I would be happy to accept a small concession in Liberty’s! #justsaying
Sareta and Ziggy, thank you so much for featuring Rueybear. Big love, Jess x

SARETA: Aw, Thanks for taking part! Bear-st interview EVER. (Tee hee hee) prices start from £7.99, rueybear apparel is made to order (unless stated) with a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.

*Items were gifted to style and review, and of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own*



  1. Zara

    I. Love. This! – my two kiddies would adore these clothes, in fact I’d love them in the same matching stuff as ziggy, brother and sister matching? Oh yessssss!

    Loved the interview too! Fabulous!! (Also eleven rocks!)


    • Sareta

      Brother and sister Matchin would be hella cool ?

  2. Hayley

    Cool garms and man Jess is funny! Great review and beautiful pictures.

    • Sareta

      Ah, thanks mama! You should check em out, I bet you’d find something for your little two 😀


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