The Royal Wedding and the people that made it everything

The Royal Wedding and the people that made it everything

Unlike most, the forthcoming royal wedding didn’t interest me. I grew tired of the click-bait stories calling Meghan Markle inspirational. The constant push of hope that this interracial union would make a difference to the racial tension that is prevalent today.

The royal wedding? Bore-off! I hadn’t been bothered about any of it – until this morning that is. I’m not sure if it was the sunshine beaming through my windows or the birds chirping when I rolled out of bed, but today was pure Disney and I was here for it. Well, I was here for half of it, the Wakandan half.

The Excuse

I don’t really care because you know, it’s all bull****. Homeless people are not allowed to sleep on the streets of Windsor, but patriotic revellers had been allowed to camp. Some had slept there overnight to catch a glimpse of the proceedings and have a sense of being a part of history.

Whatever man, it’s ridiculous hypocrisy but, you know, I want to see Meghan’s dress. I’ll just watch her walk in, then continue to stick it to the man.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal wedding

Getty Images

The Celebrities; the additional excuses, why am I still watching the Royal Wedding?

Ok, so I know the celebrities walked in before the bride, but by this point, I was committed to the fact that this wedding was kinda lit. I didn’t really realise Meghan was down. I mean, if Aunty Oprah was invited, this must mean that good things are going to happen. Like, if Aunty Oprah was at a party, would you leave before her? I think not. It would be rude to exit/turn over now. *Shrugs*.

Here for Oprah, here for Priyanka Chopra slaying every female that dared to wake up that day and here for Serena Williams #WakandaForever…plus one.

Oprah Royal wedding
 Priyanka Chopra Royal wedding
Serena Williams Royal wedding

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Doria Ragland

Lord, please give me the strength to not bask in the glory that is Doria Ragland. For she, with her most beautiful locs, with her nose stud, with her melanin unapologetically on show for all of Britain to see. You see, sweet Jesus, you must realise that basking in this Black Girl Magic would anger so many that were watching. From the BNP, to the UKIP voters, to the Windrush supporters. Their hearts were destroyed today while watching this royal wedding. Oh Lord, I do not have the power to contain the glory, the pettiness inside is too strong. Lord, in Jesus’ name, I ask thee to help. Amen.

Doria Ragland Royal Wedding

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The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry

There was no way that I was switching over by this point. No one said that this wedding would be the UK version of the entertainment that blesses the Superbowl. It sounds extreme, I know, but never have I ever put the phrase “giving me life” and the “Royal Family” in one sentence together.

Pastor Curry gave us MLK realness, he dropped some history, schooling viewers by mentioning the healing power of the spiritual music sung by slaves. Poor preggy Zara Tindall looked on bemused and tired as Pastor Curry continued to preach. Meghan Markle’s ancestors rejoiced in their graves and Prince Philip looked as if he was getting ready to step into his. It was amazing.

Pastor Michael Curry royal wedding

BBC – Royal Wedding footage 

BET worthy

BET (Black Entertainment Television). ‘Stand by Me’ performed by Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir, not only was I two-stepping like I was an extra in Sister Act, but I also took a minute to scream as I saw a familiar face. GURLLLL! Aisha Stuart, one half of 00’s duo Addictive. She went from singing about “burning and yearning for more” in ‘Gonna Be Mine‘ to performing in front of the Queen. I’ve been a fan from day one. If she’s winning, I’m winning. If I’m winning, everybody is happy.

Sheku Kanneh-Mason played the cello without uttering a word, it was beautiful and mesmerising. His black-boy-joy couldn’t be contained, and my heart beamed with pride as if I had grown him in my own womb.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal wedding

BBC – Royal Wedding footage 

The End

It was a lot to take in, to be honest. So many feels as if I were proud to be British. I was a part of history as I witnessed the occasion in all its HD glory.

The comedown was euphoric. The memes poured in and Twitter was ablaze. I felt somewhat conflicted, did I really just enjoy a Royal Wedding? Did I really feel closer to the monarchy? Maybe I was just being a typical miserable Londoner prior to the wedding, but I didn’t think it was going to be as Black as this.

The feeling was similar to when Beyoncé reminded everyone she was Blackidy-Black and dropped the visual album Lemonade. Was Megan really here for us?

As the dust settled, the newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out after a quick change. Looking more like a Hollywood celebrity couple and less like stuffy British Royalty, their smiles beamed across our screens.

Will this be the beginning of something great? I hope so, even if it just turns out to be a day to rattle the cages of the most ignorant bigots. Here for it.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal wedding - Reception

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  1. Leah

    Yaaaaaaasssss! I was always here for it, cos I love Harry and knew it was always gonna be different, for a member of the royal family he’s always been a non-conformist and who doesn’t love a good wedding (I had zero interest in Kate and Williams and didn’t watch – lol)? But where were the Obama’s?!

  2. Maymay

    I LOVE this post. I’m EXACTLY the same, was NOT going to watch but then my daughter wanted to see Meghan’s dress so it was on…and I got totally sucked in. For me the highlight was Sheku Kanneh-Mason – I’m not into classical music, or cello (or weddings or the royal family), but I literally CRIED. My daughter was like wtf? LOL. X

  3. Denise

    Loved this post so much! Love your words! You made me laugh, you made me revalue this event all over again!


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