Reiki with Leah – Indigo Healing. E11

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Women Who Rebrand - Podcast e11

Sareta and Chioma catch up on their respective half-term breaks before discussing complementary and alternative therapies this week.

The ladies have a special guest this week, Leah, a certified distance Reiki specialist & crystal healer. You might think of Reiki as “hippie-dippy”, but did you know that Reiki originates from Japan. The home of the Samurai. Balance, right?

Reiki joins two words together – “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” meaning life energy.

Leah shares her journey into Reiki, post-pandemic (did you know that distance Reiki can be just as effective as in-person?), and how she can combine her love of crystals with her practice.

Leah and Sareta cover tips on how to remember exactly what each of your crystals does. How to charge them, where to keep your crystals inside your house (who knew there are best places to store them?), and where to keep your crystals, so you don’t leave the house without them.

Holistic therapies have had a place in Leah’s life for decades, for moments when she needed clarity, revitalisation balancing, regrounding and to step away from everyday life for an hour or two. The opportunity presented itself for Leah to become a Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner; the timing was perfectly aligned with a period in her life. Everything was telling her she was ready, listen to the podcast to find out how.

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