Pinterest Story Pins

Pinterest Story Pins

 Let’s talk Pinterest Story Pins and how I’m geeking out over the new feature!

The new Pinterest Story Pin feature has been made available to a few business accounts for early access. As a blogger, I have a business account, so I can cleverly link my site images to Pinterest. I have made my pictures Pinterest-friendly to enable my readers to save their fave posts to their personal boards. Using Pinterest’s analytics, I’m able to see the reach of each pin, and how many times it has been clicked and saved. It’s a great way to keep track of what content my audience has best enjoyed.

As some of us have noticed a steady decline of engagement on other social media platforms due to algorithm changes. However,  Pinterest seems to be a great place for creatives and small businesses. Reaching your target audience is a breeze if you have a genuine passion for what you’re sharing and create what your viewers love.

Story Pins could be the next in thing for fellow business account holders who want to share more content in the form of multiple pages within one Pin. Think of it as a storybook with up to twenty pages consisting of a cover page, fantastic images and fabulous videos.

Pinterest Story Pins have been created for those who would like to tell a story. You could show different views of something, create step-by-step guides, show steps for a DIY projects or curate a collection of products. The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to see what fellow Pinners create.


How to create a Pinterest Story Pin

Pinterest Story Pins
Pinterest Story Pin function 


As you normally would when creating a Pin, click on Pinterest’s red coloured plus symbol and select Create Story Pin. Take it from there…

Each portrait image or video must be created with a minimum of 900x1600 pixels. You can, however, resize your pictures, but in terms of producing great content, it’s best to stick to the requirements. That way you know your imagery won’t be pixelated or poorly cropped. 

Each engaging Story Pin must have a minimum of two pages and can have a maximum of twenty. Your title has a maximum of 100 characters. 

Include links to your website or origin of each image or video; it’s good practice if you’re not solely using your own work. 

Pinterest Story Pins
Pinterest Story Pin function 


The following file types are accepted: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, .mov. and .mp4.

If you’d like to include videos, make sure they are no bigger than 2GB. For more info about video requirements, refer to Pinterest’s video guide

The max file size for your entire Story Pin file is 10MB. 

Pinterest Story Pins
Pinterest Story Pin function 


Dare to be different and think of original ways that you can engage with your audience. Pinterest Story Pins have the potential to reach far greater viewers than a stagnant self-promotional picture or advertisement. 

No doubt, eye-catching and engaging content will increase website traffic and help grow your audience or hike up those sales.  

If you’d like to see a fully functional Story Pin, you’re in luck, my examples are live! Although, I wouldn’t blame you if you were equally interested in my Unicorn Rainbow Toasty recipe…here you go, enjoy x 


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  1. Kim

    How did you add links to your story pins? I have the feature but haven’t seen anywhere to add my links to.

    • Sareta

      Story Pins are brand new, so the feature may not have full functionality for everyone atm. Keep an eye out for updates, and you should be able to add a link soon.


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