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Premier League Writing Stars – Poetry Competition

Premier League Writing Stars launch a poetry competition centred on the theme of diversity, inspired by a poem written by Joseph Coelho. Want to know how your child can enter for a chance to win some amazing prizes?

What does depression look like?

Depression, does it have a face or the ability to switch off at any moment? Guest post by El, writer and editorial assistant for Mental Movement Magazine.


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Alternative Sprouts Recipe

Traditional Christmas dinner usually includes Sprouts, which people either love or loathe. Here’s a simple recipe which will mean fewer leftovers!

Aladdin – Hackney Empire

Susie McKenna has written and directed pantomimes for Hackney Empire for 20 years. This year’s production of Aladdin marks the stupendous occasion, Hurrah!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for the family. Just a few favourites that may end up under the tree this year, have you been naughty or nice?


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Lush Lips? It’s Going To Be A Lush Valentines

Lush has always my one stop shop for amazing bath bombs and fab face masks, but this time I need the perfect pout. Zara reviews Lush in time for Valentines Day… Who doesn’t want Lush Lips and a sparkly smile?