MOD; The Misadventures of Mummy Bloggers

MOD; The Misadventures of Mummy Bloggers

If you’ve had any of my tweets land in your feed recently, you would have noticed my disappointment with many within the “UK mummy blogger” community. Even though I’m sitting pretty within one of the targets blocked list, I have supported her. I voiced my indignation, not because I know her, because it was the right thing to do. For those of you who can’t separate personal feelings from the current situation, maybe this post is for you.

There are a couple of well-known bloggers involved, so to protect the identities I’ve renamed them. I will refer to them as ‘Dee-Dee Klump’, and ‘Maker of Donuts’, or MOD for short.

This week, many have shared their views and complete shock about a well-known-someone within the blogging community. MOD partook in some utter mind-boggling f***ery; targeting their own family, ‘friends’, and previous co-workers.

When the story dropped, I immediately gave it the eye roll it deserved. However, my previous feelings of disappointment manifested and led to outrage. MOD had written some pretty shocking things about many bloggers that I have met, follow or know personally.

MOD was outed as a spiteful internet troll. She had been writing about fellow bloggers, including Dee-Dee, under the alias “AliceInWanderLust” on a site called Tattle. Tattle is a website that many internet trolls will write hurtful things about people in the public domain; this includes celebrities, bloggers, influencers and such.

Outside of Tattle, MOD had previously invited Dee-Dee to appear, not only on her podcast but within her IG squares. However, ‘Alice’, seemed to have a personal gripe, and she had accused Dee-Dee of using her race for personal gain and called her aggressive. The word aggressive is a racial stereotype that is often used to describe Black women. A word that is used negatively when Black women speak up and want to be heard. It is used to silence us. MOD used a well-known problematic platform to discredit the work of fellow bloggers and incite racist ideals in a public space. If proven, inciting racial hatred is an arrestable offence.


Donuts - Mother of Daughters
Mother of Donuts.  

Following this, many bloggers, in particular, those who have large audiences, have decided to remain quiet. Many have, in fact, gone out of their way to make statements about why they are remaining quiet. Yet again, those with large platforms are not willing to call out BS, nor support those who were spitefully targetted. What a great authentic community this is!

The story itself has been hard to escape, and even as I type, I’m pretty sick of rehashing this tale of betrayal. But why am I doing it? I guess I’m tired of all the crap that comes with being in that ‘mummy blogger’ world. I’m seeing the same influencers in pictures, knowing that some are pretty much using one another as a stepping stone to celeb status.

Yes, there are genuine folk, but it’s so difficult to know who and what to trust. Bloggers/influencers are sharing statistics of Black women dying during childbirth, meanwhile, continuing to follow MOD. They are all fully aware that this person used a Black blogger to get Black follows only to anonymously spew hatred within a public domain. There are founders of parenting sites saying that they will remain silent because they’re sick of hearing about it. I can only assume that they feel that they may need to call on MOD in the future; money truly is the root of all evil.

How do we know if anyone is being authentic when all you see are fake smiles and a bunch of internet trolls? Are all the mummy bloggers as bad as each other? Am I guilty of stirring the pot and highlighting this stuff because I can’t mind my business?

I guess we just wait and see if anyone has learnt their lesson because I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last instalment of ‘The Misadventures of the Mummy Bloggers’.

Those who can’t remove their personal feelings about Makers Of Donuts, knowing what she did was not only unprofessional but bloomin’ evil, check your privilege at the door. Calling her out knowing what she did was wrong is the right thing to do, standing up for the people she hurt is the right thing to do. Standing up for the minorities within your community is the right thing to do.

Remaining silent on matters just shows your community and audience that you’re willing to place your connections and brand collabs before anything else. Racism should be called out, ignorance should be called out. It’s up to you to make a positive change within the community. Without your audience, how on earth can you expect to reach the top?

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