5 Melt-Free Makeups To Carry Throughout The Summer

5 Melt-Free Makeups To Carry Throughout The Summer

Hola! Don Julio tequila by the pool, tan lines and a tropical mood. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the winter brandy and grab some colourful margaritas because it’s summertime.

Along with light fabrics, summers call for bronzed up makeup looks and bold lip colours. The only dilemma is that a full face of makeup can turn into a huge embarrassing mess if it starts running down the face due to the hot weather.

Donning on layers and layers of product is a disaster waiting to happen if the suitable product isn’t applied. For any makeup look in the warmer weather to last, we need to bid adieu to the products that are largely water-based because the sweat will smudge them off. But, let’s get real, it isn’t feasible to replace every product, some are just too close to our hearts. So what’s the fix?

Don’t worry we are here to help you fight this battle with 5 MUA certified holy-grails, melt-free Makeups that will help summer-proof your chosen look!

Melt-Free Makeups -Sareta Fontaine ©
Melt-Free Makeups -Sareta Fontaine ©
  1. Sunblock

Hands down, this is the most important product that needs to be in your summer vanity box. The sun’s UV rays can cause early ageing and its scorching heat can lead to discolouration and formation of dark spots. A sweat-proof, water-resistant sunscreen with a high SPF which protects against the harmful UV rays is needed to beat the summer heat, on top of that a gel consistency would be a great pick as it doesn’t melt. Always be generous when applying sunscreen and make sure all areas exposed to the sun are well-covered with a thick layer. The trick is to wear it on your face 20 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

  1. Primer

A good canvas for your makeup to sit on is extremely important for it to actually last. So it’s no shocker that primers make it to the must-haves list because these babies not only blur out the pores but also absorb the greasiness on the face caused by excessive sweat. A primer helps to lock in makeup and make it somewhat resistant to sweat, hence it should be applied before dabbing on the foundation. There are special kinds of primers that not only do their own job but also help in different problem areas, for example, an oily t-zone can be combated with a matte primer and discolouration due to the summer can be corrected with colour correcting primers.

  1. Face Powders; Setting Powder and Pressed Powder

Concealers usually have a thick consistency and can look really shabby on the face once the oil starts to accumulate. This draws even more attention to the imperfections you’re trying to conceal, defeating the entire purpose of a concealer. To solve this, a whiff of setting powder is essential to set it in place and absorb the oils the glands have secreted due to the heat and give a non-greasy finish.

As some foundations can feel too heavy on the skin and can melt easily, a pressed powder or a compact with a matte finish can be used with a concealer in summers. With the properties of a setting powder and decent coverage, these compacts give the best of both the worlds, hence, being a quick-fix makeup for those impromptu wine parties.

  1. Liquid Lipstick

Lipsticks are necessary for that fun pop of colour in any makeup look, a change in the lips can make that same get-up brand new. The matter is that they just don’t stay in place during the summer. A good idea would be to replace regular lipsticks with liquid lipsticks. Made up of a very different formula that lets it sit on your lips without budging for hours, liquid lipsticks are available in all price ranges and are sold by a lot of cosmetic brands. There is a huge variety to choose from, so grab onto some shades you like asap! 

  1. Waterproof eye-makeup

Eyes draw a lot of attention. Defined eyes, long lashes and sultry lids do define the face and cannot be ignored. Therefore, liquid eyeliners and mascaras should be replaced with waterproof ones. A lot of drugstore as well as high-end brands have a wide range of summer-proofed eye makeup that won’t be disappointing, so it’s up to you to either save or splurge.

As far as the eyelids go, we understand that good water-resistant eyeshadow palettes could burn a hole in the pocket so a cheat for that would be to use a primer underneath to not only bolt the eyeshadow but also enhance the pigment. A simple hack would be to use your liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow base for a melt-free eye experience as well!

Add these products to your makeup kit asap! See you again next time for more tips.



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