Makeup Revolution This Christmas

Makeup Revolution This Christmas

With the latest offerings from Makeup Revolution, they got me singin’- Ding dong merrily oh sigh, what should my face be wearing? Spent all my pounds on Christmas, so my makeup must be bangin’

I’m a wasted talent I know! (Le cry) but anyway, crimbo lyrics aside – it’s that time of year… The one that got you broke AF but – GASP – The office/work Christmas do’ is coming and you MUST go to the ball, my dear Cinderella! Just don’t wear glass on your feet…foolish woman. If you want to dazzle, shine and smoke your way to the bar then the guys at Makeup Revolution have your back.

Let’s delve in…

First up, the ‘I heart makeup Golden Bar’ – a stunning piece of eye candy consisting of 16 shades, all of which are varied shimmers.  Whilst this may not be ideal for the more hooded eyelid type (like myself) as an all over wash of glam, this will make for amazing cut creases or halo effects on the lids.  There is a good variety of shades in this palette, but I do find it to be warmer toned. For lovers of gold-rich shades rather like its namesake – this one’s for you baby *holds boom box overhead*

The case it comes in is gorgeous – although plasticky feeling, the clasp is secure, and the chocolate drip design is an amazing touch, it also smells just like chocolate.  Polite reminder, IT IS NOT EDIBLE, just whack an actual chocolate bar in with it, sorted!

Shades that are winning? Foil, Golden, and Bar.

The Flawless 4 palette is the latest baby to join their ever growing Flawless series. Gaining fast recognition for their inspired status, Flawless palettes are indeed stunningly constructed. This palette has double the shades of the Golden bar and also consists of a variety of matte and shimmer shades, making this one far more versatile for eye looks in comparison to Golden Bar.  This too errs to the warm side with the colour scheme, but there are some decent neutrals thrown into the mix to make this easy to get from daytime working fly, to flaming hot party babe in the office toilets whilst that dry shampoo works its magic in between blends (see I know how these things roll). Speaking of blends, these really work well when blending with minimal muddy-ness and the pigment is top notch!

The casing is also gorgeous – a rose gold metallic lid which oozes sophistication, unfortunately, if you own more than one of these it becomes a problem as they all have the same casing! But, the palette names are listed on the back! (Thanks for that Makeup Revolution)

Shades that are winning? Bittersweet, On top and Crimson

The Soph palette is set to be a YouTube fan’s must-have stocking filler this Christmas.  A fabulous collaboration between Makeup Revolution and sophdoesnails but in a market becoming saturated with vlogger collaborations, will this one be another flash in the pan?

Its price point in comparison to most YouTuber collaborations is pretty good at £10 – most collab products end up asking for more coin, but I’ll attribute that to MUR’s general price point, which again is uh may zing. Out of the 3, this may have been my favourite palette. Its gorgeous outer carton, to its delicate looking matte casing (which isn’t standard in MUR’s ranges) finessed with gold metallic accents, really make this a stand out piece.  Inside however is where the magic begins. Hosting a plethora of shades, ranging from warm, neutral and cool – it has looks that will suit all.  The hues are beautiful, the transition shades are plentiful to give you an insanely in-depth blend and the shimmer shades are almost foil-like, super buttery and blend seamlessly onto the lid. This palette is the party palette to go for! Oh and its pigment is DOPE

Shades that are winning? Mixed berry, cuppa tea, and sparks fly

Last up we have the liquid highlight.  This one I’ll admit daunted me as I’m a legit fan of powder highlight (nuff said) so using a liquid could result in two different things… A glow that would make drivers flash you thinking your high beams are on your face or totally ruin that bangin’ beat of yours.

But, I was pleasantly surprised. If you happened to catch my quick video over on Sareta’s Facebook page this month, you’ll see the GLOW this thing produced is to die for.  Blended out with a beauty sponge it’s remarkably easy and it didn’t dry too quickly, making it easy to manoeuvre across the cheek.  The shade Liquid Starlight itself is a light, somewhat pink based highlight with pearlescent shimmer gradients throughout making this suitable for a vast majority of skin tones, but looks like it will work best on those with cool undertones.  So if you’re looking to glisten a Christmas tree, or blind that guy who’s been eyeing you and the sagging office mistletoe – then grab this baby, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your credit card!


I have to say, that’s Christmas party make up almost nailed right? So slick a lippy on doll and tell Santa to slip a (faux) sable under the tree, ya dig?

Wanna see more by Makeup Revolution- products are available in Superdrug stores and online.


*Items were gifted to style and review by Makeup Revolution, and of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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Zara loves all things makeup and beauty. When she’s not drooling over makeup stalls and things that she cannot afford, she’s usually slummy mummy-ing around with her two kids (and her big kid husband). She also spends her days abusing most Snapchat filters, admittedly much more than any person humanly should… oh dear! Catch her on Instagram if ya like!

*All thoughts and opinions remain the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of Sareta Fontaine



  1. Adeola Onipede

    No doubt, MUR is definitely Slaying the game, giving us good and affordable makeup. I’ve got my eye on that Soph palette ?

    • Zara

      YESSSS! Honestly the soph palette is gorgeous!


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