Lush Lips? It’s Going To Be A Lush Valentines

Lush Lips? It’s Going To Be A Lush Valentines

It’s totally a Lush Valentines

Lush has always been the one stop shop for me to go to when I yearn for an amazing bath, or a face mask I know won’t bring my sensitive skin out in a rash. But this time I needed the perfect pout. One my husband couldn’t resist giving a cheeky snog – oo er – with an angelic smile to match. So hello Lush, I’m calling again…

Valentine’s Day is looming and so is my wedding anniversary! Gaaaaah! Ok. So if I haven’t got any presents ready then surely at least I can be ready. Like hello, I’m the main attraction here, Right?


3 things this month are enabling me to get the sexy, smoochable, pout ready lips I desire with a flash of pearl (don’t leave it to the duck face alone!) First up, Tooth fairy, tooth powder …

This product is insane. Containing strawberry extract and lemon oil, it felt somewhat alien switching from my standard menthol toothpaste to this. It’s naturally sweet due to the stevia and xylitol also listed within the ingredients, which although didn’t make it a cruddy experience, it was still a somewhat odd one! Tooth Fairy works similar to a bicarb or charcoal tooth powder by dipping a wet toothbrush into the product, only this one foaaaaaams!

It blew my mind! A powder? Foaming up just as good as a traditional toothpaste?! It totally did! The result? Although my breath didn’t feel like it had bathed in the Arctic it did, however, feel clean. My teeth felt amazing and my breath didn’t honk at all throughout the day. Tooth Fairy has the highest abrasion out of the tooth powders currently available at Lush, but it feels great to use. Amazingly it’s also managing to whiten my teeth without having any whitening properties and has not caused any issues with my sensitivity either.

Lush Lips
Lush Lips
Lush Lips

Rose Lolipop is also something that’s been stuck in my pocket since I laid hands on it.  With its conditioning, soothing and balancing properties thanks to its ingredients rose water, cupaucu butter, and Sicilian lemon oil, it really does calm the lips perfectly.  Its non-sticky wax base allows it to melt effortlessly into the lips.  The only issue I had with Rose Lollipop is that it tastes perfumey, which made for some rather fetching faces from myself whenever I licked my lips (accidentally of course). But its conditioning abilities, I cannot fault!

Last but not least we have the valentines ready ‘The Kiss’, lip scrub.  This stuff is so incredibly pretty, bright pink and filled with edible mini cute hearts throughout.  I suffer from insanely dry skin, but I’ve never used a lip scrub before so I was super excited to scrub away and see how this stuff worked.

The caster sugar and fine sea salt did really well at scrubbing away the dry skin, yet my lips were not irritated in the slightest.  It wasn’t an uncomfortable experience; unlike when I use a dry toothbrush to brush away the scales, my lips weren’t left sore or angry, they were red with the blood rush ‘ooh she’s getting some action!’ but nothing more. The mandarin and almond extracts give this product a distinctive pretty smell.  Also, it’s edible. It’s so damned yummy. Yes, I do lick it off with excitement. Shush.

Each of these products are priced between £5 – £7 which I think is fantastic for Lush. Lush’s reputation for ingredient sourcing and usage is also something I feel confident in when making purchases and basically that scrub and balm? A perfect valentine present. I mean come on what’s more inviting than watching your partner scrub their lips with this sweet, pretty concoction and then offering to help lick it off?

Enjoy 😉


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