Love YaaYaa; Statement Belts

Love YaaYaa; Statement Belts

I’m a dedicated follower of (MY) fashion (CHOICES). For some reason belly tops and crop tops seem to be ‘on trend’ at the moment, and my figure really cannot get away with those types of items. I mean, I tried when I saw lots of curvaceous ladies flooding Pinterest and Big-Is-Beautiful fashion blogs in these tops – they looked amazing, they looked stunning, they looked confident! But did it look good on me? No. No, no, no, no, no, hella no, I couldn’t get away with it.

Love YaaYaa “Love YaaYaa features unique accessories and home furnishing handmade in the UK and Ghana”.

 Love YaaYaa features unique accessories and home furnishing handmade in the UK and Ghana

UK (and Ghana) based Love YaaYaa create statement pieces for your wardrobe, in particular beautifully made leather belts. Think of a colour…BAM! Love YaaYaa has it. Think of an item in your wardrobe…WOOP! Love YaaYaa has the belt to go with it. I’m one of those unfortunates who has a ‘mummy tummy‘ and that’s before I even gave birth! I think I had a flat stomach for about a month back in 1998 when all I ate was a slice of bread for 2 months and I was obsessed with MTV Base, but that’s another story. These belts cinch in my waist and give me curves where curves do exist (REALLY THEY DO), but they’re usually hidden under baggy t-shirts and black sweaters. I can still wear these things, but the belts just corroborate that this Mummy does actually try to look stylish, (AGAIN, I REALLY DO!). Love YaaYaa is yet another one of those little gems that sell on Etsy. I’m beginning to love shopping on Etsy, there are so many handmade items that I want to buy, and at the same, I’m safe in the knowledge that I’m supporting a small, usually individual owned business. I wanna know where my coins are going! From leather belts with sizes beyond ‘one size fits all‘ in metallic, suede or bold colours, to cufflinks and necklaces; there are so many superb items on sale in the Love YaaYaa shop it would be hard to resist not saving for later or buying right then and there.

Prices range from £10-£50 kɛse! See more at Love YaaYaa


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