I learnt to Love my Periods: How a cup changed my life

I learnt to Love my Periods: How a cup changed my life

PERIODS, women have them and for most of us it’s not something we relish going through.

My periods where always something I dreaded, I would be in bed for a day doubled over in pain, ashen white and unable to eat .I hated them. On top of that I disliked using tampons, they made my cramps worse, the relief I used to get taking them out was always incredibly welcome. It wasn’t until my mid 20s when I heard about Menstrual cups and not till I was about 30 that I actually bit the bullet and started using one.

The difference was amazing, I still had bad cramping (that only cleared up after having my first child) but it was no longer painful to actually put something inside, and I never noticed I was wearing it. I absolutely love my cup now and would never dream of going back.

I didn’t do much research initially and just went to a well-known high street shop and bought a Mooncup, which seems to have become the name synonymous with menstrual cups, but there are many brands out there of varying shapes, styles and colours, so definitely do your research.

Once I got the hang of how to put it in I found it incredibly comfortable and discreet, it does ask that you get up close and personal with your lady bits and it can be a little more messy than using a tampon but the benefits to you and the planet far out way the possible ‘icky’ feeling.



So here are my reasons why you should at least consider trying a menstrual cup

1) You, technically, only need one every 4/5 years (sometimes even longer depending how well you look after it) although I currently have 2 – So no more bloody tampons washing up on beaches (side note – please don’t flush tampons down the toilet, wrap and bin. Thanks 😉 ) or sitting in your bin till collection day.

2) Menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicon so they are much kinder on your lady bits, no bleached cotton threads being left behind when its taken out (yep this happens with tampons) and even less worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) if you forget to take your cup out after the recommended 12 hours

3) Because its reusable you don’t need to carry multiples in your bag just take yourself to the toilet, empty, wipe clean or wash (if you’re close to a sink) pop back in and off you go.

4) They come in many colours, so if you wish, you could create a rainbow with your collection

5) Some companies will donate money to women’s charities or support local communities in providing decent sanitary protection.

6) Some women have found that their period cramps had improved after making the swap, so that in itself is worth giving a go.

7) There are only 2 sizes of cup, Before Children and After Children. So no need to match your flow, like you do with tampons, which means no drying out down there.

If all of these don’t convince you think of it like this.

A box of Tampax with applicator costs £1.99. You buy 2 boxes a month for 12 months that’s £47.76 a year and that’s not including sanitary pads/panty liners. In 5 years you’ve spent £238.80 on tampons.

If you buy a menstrual cup, in 5 years you would’ve spent, at the most, £30 depending what brand you go for. If you also use cloth pads, which you can buy premade or have custom made, you make a bundle spend of £50 for panty liners, night-time pads and for days when your periods aren’t so heavy and that’s you sorted for sanitary protection for nearly a decade.

And most importantly you’ve cut down your waste nearly 100%

So ladies, lets learn not to be squeamish for if we have to succumb to the visit once a month we might as well find joy in the equipment we need.

For more information on reusable sanitary protection as well as reviews on Cups Eco Fluffy Mumma is an excellent blogger who is incredibly passionate about periods and the impact they have on the planet. www.ecofluffymama.com

As an extra note, comparing tampons and menstrual cups has also been used as a home ed science experiment looking at absorption and liquid volume. You see even your period can be an educational tool for your kids 😉

*All thoughts and opinions remain the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of Sareta Fontaine.  



  1. Sareta

    Ooohhhh! Thanks for writing this! I’ve really been interested in these, but didn’t have a clue about them. It’s a shame we’re not taught about other options when it comes to menstrual items; it seems like tampons and pads are the only things available unless you do your own research. An educational and insightful read, thanks for sharing Mayita x

  2. Dominique

    I think I may have to finally cave and get one! Gahhhhhh periods suck and the options we have aren’t great, but I’ve never heard a bad thing about menstrual cups. Thanks for the extra info!

  3. Shweta

    Hi how often do we need to clean and reuse in a day . Just thinking weather it will be embarrassing washing it in front of colleagues in office


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