London Coffee Festival 2019

London Coffee Festival 2019

I’m a newbie when it comes to coffee. I’m a novice, a baby, a child; I like my coffee sweet and preferably mixed in a cocktail. For that very reason, I agreed to accompany the other half to the London Coffee Festival.

Caffeinated cocktails? You don’t have to ask me twice! I’m not a coffee expert or guru, so I had a bit of a wander and took note of my fave brands…


Let’s be real, we know I was drawn to Grind because of the pink aesthetic, because of the neon sign, and because of the sweary bag. What can I say, I love stylish things! Besides having fabulous design skills, Grind’s ethics are superb. Their coffee is ground in Shoreditch and sent to a secret location and placed in 100% biodegradable pods; “compostable” pods to you and I. No longer will I feel guilty for using my Nespresso machine; Captain Planet would be proud.


Finally, from mid-May (2019), you will be able to buy your favourite syrups online. Monin stocks over 100 flavours which can be added not only to your coffee but to your hot chocolate and favourite cocktails. Like your coffees like you like your men? Well, let me recommend a Macaroon flavoured latte! (I don’t even know what that means).

Freddie’s Flowers

A flower subscription with a difference, Freddie’s Flowers promise 100% fresh flowers delivered straight to your doorstep. While others boast very similar claims, I learnt that most freeze your arrangements during the delivery process. Ever noticed that some of your delicate petals are wilted upon arrival? That’s why! I’ve signed up to receive a box which comes with a step-by-step guide about how to arrange your flowers. If in doubt, Freddie himself has a nifty collection of Youtube videos to help along the way. Awesomeness!

Oatly! Oat milk

As an avid coconut milk fan, I’ve been trying to wean the rest of the family off of cows milk. Zigs is dairy intolerant, and I’ve just gone off the taste (and thought of) baby cow food; milk. The other half has point-blank refused coconut, almond and soya milk, so to my surprise; he discovered that he loves Oat Milk in his coffee. Amazing, we are one step closer to getting rid of Cow’s milk once and for all.


We have a lot of coffee-making stuff at home; but nothing that can make real espresso. I mean, the Moka Pot does, and the Nespresso machine says it does, but it just isn’t the same. They don’t produce an authentic, full-bodied espresso. The lovely people (and they really were lovely) at Rok have come up with this ingenious and beautiful home espresso maker. It does everything that the £1,500 (and up!) espresso machines in coffee shops do, but is available for £150. It looks good, it feels good, and it makes fantastic coffee.


So far, during this hipster-fest, I realised that to be one of the gang you must love coffee, fancy tea, adore plants, have a passion for big oil’ beards and wear glasses. Since spending far too much time on my laptop and phone, I seemed to have ruined my eyes. Coincidentally after years of complaining that I love glasses, I now need them. MONC is a British brand founded by Freddie Elborne, who believes in true craftsmanship and has an eye for modish designs. Payday is next week, so we’ve jotted down a few faves.


WHERE: London Coffee Festival
LOCATION: Shoreditch

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Ever wondered what goes down at a London Coffee Festival? Well, good coffee, Espresso Martini, vegan eats and hipster-friendly brands of course!

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