Labuntina Sing-Along on Sky Kids

Labuntina Sing-Along on Sky Kids

Labuntina sing-along is a collection of animated music videos of original songs, aimed at entertaining children and teaching them at the same time. Ziggy and the rest of the family have had the pleasure of watching and singing along. Honestly, I’ve been singing these tunes in the shower…daily!

Labuntina sing-along is aimed at pre-school children aged 1-5, and it’s vibrant and playful characters are bold and energetic. The songs are both catchy and fun, so teaching your little ones their ABC’s and 123’s in a modern, yet educational way, has never been easier. Labutina is the way to go.

The animations are 2D and hand-drawn, which, to me, enhances the simplistic, childlike characters. Ziggy was so keen to know their names after easily recognising what each character was. He was engrossed.

Kodi Fox, Lili Fish and Judi Bee, go on adventures and allow their viewers to come along and experience with them through songs and music.

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Arrangements feature classical instruments such as piano, guitar, ukulele, double bass, clarinet and xylophone with little synthesised sounds. Songs vary from folk to nursery rhymes, to lullabies and rock.

They are rememberable tunes which makes it easy for both kids and adults to learn. Reputation in a fun way is a great way to teach your pre-schoolers, especially in preparation for Nursery or Reception.

As Ziggy starts Reception in September, we’ve been making sure he knows the alphabet letters by name and not just phonetically. Practice makes perfect, so he’s been singing along in car journeys and at home. Labutina is available on Sky Kids on Demand; therefore, episodes can be watched on TV, Kindles and iPads. No longer do the kids need to take turns, there are loads of ways Ziggy, along with your pre-schoolers can enjoy this show.

Conclusion? Well, both Ziggy and the kids enjoyed watching these animations while singing along. It’s been our fave collaboration so far, Thank you Labuntina!


Labuntina ABCs and 123s will be available on Sky Kids on demand in July.


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abcs and 123s sing a long - Labuntina

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  1. Tamu

    Love this I’m going to order for my nephew. As for little man ??? where is his Oscar nomination!!


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