Kit & Kin – Emma Bunton And Christopher Money

Kit & Kin – Emma Bunton And Christopher Money

Kit & Kin ever so graciously invited me to their fabulous event in London last week. I had the opportunity to not only be introduced to their brand, but meet the founders and mingle with a few of my fav fellow bloggers. Oh, and interview co-founder Emma Bunton… yeah, Emma frickin Bunton!

Kit & KinKit & Kin has been created by co-founders Emma Bunton, Spice Girl, TV and radio presenter and UNICEF ambassador, and Christopher Money, Director of Product Development who brings over 15 years experience of developing mother and baby products for some of the world’s leading brands.

They only use natural, nourishing, eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable materials to offer families a range of safe and effective everyday products via their convenient and hassle-free monthly bundles. All of their products are clinically and dermatologically tested to ensure they’re mild and kind to use on your skin.

Kit & Kin’s ethos, well thats to protect our world, naturally.

The brand itself is great, I’m honestly in awe of their commitment to all things environmental- they seem to really want to make a difference with their eco friendly products. Not only do their products do exactly what they state, they’re actually great for the environment too.

Who knew nappies took up to 500 years to biodegrade? Erm, not me. When Chris was explaining this, admittedly I missed the rest of his sentences… I basically sat there mind blown by the fact that my own dirty nappies, thrown away in the 80’s still could exist somewhere. Do the maths, thats crazy.

So back to Kit & Kin… their nappies only take up to 6 years to biodegrade. Again, crazy! They really do honestly care about the environment- it’s not some quirky fad, this seemed to be the number one factor when creating their products.
They didn’t come across like your stereotypical baby brand, which this is why I loved them.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I have never interviewed anyone before, let alone a mega-famous beautiful babe that was a bloomin Spice Girl. But Alas, I had to suck it up and pretend that I’m a pro… *Yeah right.

Next in the queue, it was then my turn to speak to Emma Bunton, eek. I sat down telling my inner 14 year old to stop singing Wannabe and concentrate on my already prepared questions. Instead of going straight into it, Emma complimented my jacket and then tattoos. She confessed that she had a few and then flashed me her wrist which had her sons named scribed beautifully in a calligraphic font. Our tattoo talk lasted a good 5 minutes, at which point she shouted: “We need more time please!”. Erm, Emma, fricken, Bunton requested to have more time with lil ol’ me… Me? *Looks around to make sure she was really talking to me…inner 14 year old takes over and silently screams*.


SARETA: Kit and Kin’s nappies are wonderful as they are biodegradable and therefore help to save the environment- they’re the ‘Captain Planet‘ of nappies…
EMMA: *Laughs* Yes, absolutely. I met Chris about 3 years ago, and as a mum, a mum of two I thought, what could I do? My main focus was my kids, I’m a busy mum, I can’t change the world, but I thought, it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Kit & Kin’s nappies only take 3-6 years to biodegrade compared to others that can take up to 500 years so that has less of an impact on the environment.

SARETA: Is there anything that you at home personally to help save the environment?
EMMA: Oh gosh yes, you know, like silly things- we all like baths. Now it’s like, lets make a game out of this- who can have the quickest shower! Bins, we make that into a game, like – come on, plastics in that bin, paper in the other, we just make it as fun and as enjoyable for the kids.

SARETA: You have products for new mums, and young babies, do you have anything for mums who aren’t quite in the baby zone? Or for kids that are a bit older? I feel really left out!
EMMA: *Laughs* Well me neither! My kids use all of the products, we all do as a family. They smell lovely; the shower gel, the bubble bath is great and the oil… the oil is quick. I don’t know about you, but I cream my kids everyday, they have really dry skin. The oil is genius because its not too oily. My kids run off, you know, it’s not the best thing to be creamed everyday *laughs* So I’m like argh, I get the oil, and it’s two little things and then they’re done. They’re moisturised. My youngest doesn’t have eczema anymore and I put it down to the oil. We all use it, Jade uses it now. So yeah, my children are older, so we don’t use nappies anymore, but the skincare products- we use all of the skincare products.
SARETA: I’ve been looking at the oil today, and it’s a really nice consistency.
EMMA: I don’t actually mind that oily feeling, I really like it, but of course it’s not good for kids. This oil is really good, because you know, when you’re creaming your kids and then you get them dressed, you don’t get that oily residue on their clothing.
SARETA: Ahhhhh, yes! Ok, so I’ll give that one a try.
EMMA: Yes! Do, please.

SARETA: As a mother of 2 children duel heritage boys do you think representation matters within brands such as Kit & Kin.
EMMA: Of Course! You know, that’s us. Jade and my family have been very much involved with the whole creating of Kit & Kin, you know, they are a huge part of it, so yeah.

SARETA: Motherhood is a full time job, I find it can take over or engulf your being…
EMMA: *Laughs* Yes! *Laughs* Exactly, I AM WOMAN!
SARETA: You know, sometimes you can get stuck with the label “Mother” or “Wife” what do you to remind yourself, and others that you’re more than a mother?
EMMA: It’s my whole being to be creative and hardworking. I want to show my children a great work ethic. Sometimes the guilt does set in, especially when I have to leave early to do my breakfast show on Heart. I’m actually up before the children, so I’m like argh- I’m not there to do the school run, but my other half Jade, OMG, he’s the best, – he’ll say “Whoa, hold on a minute, you’re teaching them that mummy can go to work”. It makes me more confident working, I love going out and getting dressed up with my girls and going out on nights out. But obviously, my children are my priority, always. But to be a stronger person and a better mother, I have to have that other release of being with girlfriends or going out or working. Jade has gigs a lot at the weekends and they ask “where are you going today” and it excites them as well. We both need that, I think that everyone needs that.

SARETA: Just one more thing…
EMMA: Yes of course…
SARETA: Seeing as though my inner teen loves the Spice Girls AND is a massive fan of Damage can I get a picture?
EMMA: Yes, but, OMG, Damage…
SARETA: *Laughs*
EMMA: Honestly, I go to their gigs. Not long ago we had this weekend away and Jade was doing these gigs and I was like a proper… *screams* and he’d come off stage and I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of him. He was like “we need to do this more often”.
SARETA: *Laughs* thats amazing, awwww!

Best interview EVER.

As Emma mentioned, if like me, you don’t have babies – you can still use these products. Since the event I’ve fallen in love with their Baby Oil– it sits on my skin beautifully. Emma was right, a few drops and it glides on with no sticky residue. I’ve also begrudgingly been using it on my kids (lol) I say that because I don’t want to share, it smells so, so good.

Zachary, has really dry skin, especially in the winter months- when it gets particularly bad we’ve been using a heavy petroleum jelly based product on his skin- yep, it’s that bad. Kit & Kin’s Magic Salve was originally created for treating nappy rash or any dry spots so I’ve been using this on his skin- all over as if you would with any other moisturiser. It is a godsend. Not only does it moisturise and help to retain that moisture within his skin, it sits beautifully and smells amazing. I’m a sucker for a good scent. In all, I have to say I love these skincare products. Prices start from £7.99, bundles can be purchased and monthly nappy subscriptions are also available.
If however, you’d like to get up close and personal with their skincare products, go have a sniff in your local UK Ocado stores.


*Items were gifted to style and review, and of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Zara

    Omg these sound amazing! I’m a huge fan of oils as I have dry skin too so you’re making me want to look at the oil now…

    For myself. Ahem.

    Also. EMMMMMAAAAA OMG this is amazing! You interviewed EMMA FREAKING BUNTON!!!!
    And I see the savvy mum peeking in there too! This looks like a great day, I’m amazed at the nappy fact… like, seriously – the nappy will be outliving the contents within it – THATS CRAZY (and disgusting lol) I bet my daughter would love using their stuff, she loves being like me and using products but knowing a range is eco friendly and dedicated to her young skin I’m eager to have a mooch!


    • Sareta

      You know what, I just had a thought- the oil might be a good makeup remover with some cotton wipes… I’ll have a try later on and let you know, I love these hacks! It’s great when you get things for the kids that you can end up using yourself, even If you end up keeping them JUST for yourself hahaha!!!!

      And yeah, Emma Bunton was lovely! Legit my fav Spice Girl (Sorry Scary Spice)- Both Emma and Chris (the founders) were so friendly, It’s a fab company, I wish them super success x

  2. Tamu

    I like the sound of this. If we all do a little it will make a big difference. Will deffo check out this brand.



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