Inspiration from the Ideal Home Show

Inspiration from the Ideal Home Show

We attended the Ideal Home Show over the weekend, and we left brimming with creative ideas.

You may remember that we were planning on decorating/redecorating some areas within our home. We’ve been here for just over two years, and I’m itching to put our stamp on the place.

Without going through my tastes with you yet again, I will say that I am adamant that I want bold but stylish rooms. I want a quirky home that has styling elements which you may not see in others. Unlike a regurgitated trendy abode, mirroring a Scandinavian furniture shop.

Since deciding on working with emerald green in the living room, I see this colour more and more. In magazines, all over Pinterest, and now a beautifully-styled kitchen idea at the Ideal Home Show. It’s slightly irritating, mainly because I like to be different, but it does make it easier to source complimentary items. Seeing everything together only reaffirms my colour choice; a dominant emerald green, gold accents and mustard accessories are a must.

We fell in love with the pink and peach kitchen styled by GoodHomes which had us thinking, where could we possibly work-in a nostalgic area? The idea of an all-pink bathroom springs to mind, with a retro neon sign and pink artificial plumage covering a wall. But I had to ask, would we get bored, and how would that affect the house price? Should we even care? A quick chat with the guys from Zoopla would have been a good idea. If only we booked before attending, we would have been able to get some practical advice regarding that very subject; smart interior design, and avoiding design aspects that devalue your home.

With so many beautiful vintage designs around, it’s easy to fall victim to novelty-styled interiors, but I know how my mind works; if it means having to redecorate in order to sell, we can. I just know what I want! Surely, a beautiful, yet quirky styled bathroom would open up the possibility for photoshoots? That would be a great little earner if marketed well. I want a home that not only looks amazing but could be hired as a stylish location.

Our garden seemed to be the main focus when it came to looking at vendors. I’d love a purpose-built office outside, and the idea of an up-cycled caravan styled with bamboo and fairy lights seemed like such a good feature at the time. It’s easy to get carried away while you’re at the Ideal Home Show, that is until you return home and weigh up prices. Would a caravan work aesthetically, or should we stick to a modern garden pod? There are so many choices!

Things like changing doors and stairs seem semi-necessary, but I wonder how realistic that would that be in terms of getting them done this year. Growing up watching Frasier, I fell in love with his elegant tastes; his wooden doors were nothing like I’d seen before.

This home project sounds like it needs more consideration and planning, and more time may be a likely compromise in terms of affordability. Painting and the search for carpets can continue, and perhaps we can make a start on our bedroom balcony. It’s frustrating that everything may have to wait, however, I do need to remember, there’s no rush.

Brands I’ll be keeping an eye on

Pioneer Popup
Witch and watchman
Hurn & Hurn
Masterclass Kitchens
Walls & Floors
Sofa Workshop
Hartington Heath
City Cows
British Design Shop
Oliver Mathews
Culinary Concepts

WHERE: Ideal Home Show
DATE: 22 MARCH – 7 APRIL 2019

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