Primark ‘Holler and glow’ sheet mask

Primark ‘Holler and glow’ sheet mask

Holler And Glow- “It’s so much fun to be able to change persona for 15 minutes, and help your face out right?!– Double whammy right?! Sorry, I know…I’m 31, not 3 *chortle*”

I don’t visit Primark enough. Literally, the shop is fast becoming a little treasure trove for beauty buys on an epically affordable scale. As I said, I don’t frequent Primark enough – my closest store sits in the heart of the city and it’s a literal nightmare to circumnavigate, but when you can get in at the right time (usually when shutters go up) it’s a doddle. So on my most recent visit I took the opportunity to fill my basket with goodies upon goodies (spending far more than I expected – or wanted to for that matter) to try at home and see if these cheap beauty buys had any clout. One range in particular that caught my eye was the sheet mask selection from Holler and Glow. Sheet masks are just in right now. Not only that, but a sheet mask is so much easier than slapping the 90’s iconic fave MUD mask on your face (Don’t act like you don’t remember) and not being able to wash it off without wrecking at least 2 flannels (so British it hurts) and then wiping your face down to see it was still stuck in the crevices around your nose…eww. Then came the peel off masks and the horror that came with it when you accidentally adhered it to your brow hairs. The inner torment you endured for about 10 minutes rocking on the toilet seat ‘to pull or not to pull’ living in fear of going from skinny brows to ‘so-solid crew’ brows in 0.2 seconds To put it bluntly, sheet masks save a lot of a*sing about – and me being me, I like that. I nabbed 4 of these guys in various designs as you can see, each one promising something different for your skin.

Holler and glow
Holler and glow
Holler and glow
Holler and glow

Graphic design wise, they’re cute (except dream snatcher, I felt like Heidi Klum in her muscle Halloween costume in that one) and there’s a decent variety of designs to choose from – although personally I’d recommend making sure it suits your face type over aesthetic value of course. Disclaimer made, job done *zzzziiiiIIIIING*.

My bugbear is…they just don’t sit on the face properly! These guys are shaped in an opposite way when compared to most sheet masks – they’re wide and short as opposed to tall and slim, I’ll admit I have quite a small head and a round at that so they didn’t affect me too much. But people more oval and square faced in nature, I can imagine these masks being somewhat frustrating to use. The eyeholes are very slim and I had to pat them down numerous times as they simply stuck into my eyes – but then this caused a succession of domino like problems. When I corrected the eyes, the mask would lift away from my nose, which then I would pat down and be left with my chin not being covered… repeat process.

Conditioning wise, I didn’t spot much difference to my skin between masks except for ‘Unicorns exist’ – this one did actually leave my skin looking bright and even. But for £3 they did moisturise well, I’m just not too sure I enjoyed the fight of the century with them getting to fit my face.

Would I buy them again? No, not until the shape is adjusted, for me personally it wasn’t a comfy ride – if they changed it however then yes I would should I happen to be in a Primark at the time. I got 21 seconds to gooooo…

Romeo done, I mean Zara done, I mean Laters beauts!


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Zara loves all things makeup and beauty. When she’s not drooling over makeup stalls and things that she cannot afford, she’s usually slummy mummy-ing around with her two kids (and her big kid husband). She also spends her days abusing most Snapchat filters, admittedly much more than any person humanly should… oh dear! Catch her on Instagram if ya like!

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  1. Sareta

    OH MYYYY GOSH, these are the best face masks i’ve ever seen. I don’t even mind if they don’t clear up any blemishes that I have- I want them purely for the patterns loooooooool! Thanks Zara *Heads to Primarni

  2. Beth

    Errr…why didn’t I know about these before??? Like..seriously?? *Gets coat, goes to Primark*

  3. Simone Browne

    Love this review! So funny & informative ?


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