Halloween ‘Trick & Treats’ on a Budget – Asda

Halloween ‘Trick & Treats’ on a Budget – Asda

Halloween doesn’t have to be a costly ordeal, there are loads of budget-friendly bits and pieces that you can pick up that won’t cost you an arm or a leg. That’s a zombie arm and leg btw.

The family and I took a trip to Asda to prep for this years Halloween. Every year they have an entire aisle dedicated to all things creepy and kooky, and fabulously priced. Ideally, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on one day of the year especially this close to Christmas; so our local Supermarket was the best place to go in order to keep the kids and my bank balance happy.

The Treats

Hartley’s Strawberry Glitter Jelly – £0.75p
What do you get if you set your jelly in a George Chilling Skull Ice Cube Tray (£2.00), why, glitter Zombie heads of course!
You don’t need instructions from me, they’re printed out on the packet and everything is oh-so-simple to make. If you do fancy making these for an 18+ Halloween party, you could add a little Vodka to the mix. 200ml Vodka to 500ml water and Jelly mixture.

Happy Halloween Skull Mallows – £2.00
These can be eaten alone or placed in a cup of Hot Chocolate. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon for an extra autumnal kick, grab a blanket and stick on your favourite Scary Movie.

The Tricks

George Wicked Spider’s Web – £1.00
A little goes a long way. For the best and most authentic looking cobwebs, stretch out and place thinly. If you’re decorating outside, get them up before Halloween. Hopefully, some real spiders will move in!

George Creepy Doll Mask – £3.00
You don’t need an entire costume for this. The mask is creepy enough! Think Jason, that mask is the only thing you remember…oh and maybe the knife. Ok, how’s about an Evil Axe for £1?

Large Carving Pumpkin – £1.50
Leave them as they are or carve some ghoulishly decorative designs. Pop in a tea light to light up your doorstep, it’s a great indication that you welcome trick-or-treaters. Remember to save the seeds; those can be saved for yet another treat!

Shades So Soft White Toilet Roll (4 Rolls) – £1.75
Probably the cheapest costume you could ever make, however, obviously, this one can’t be used time and time again. Add a little Sellotape on top of your wrapped up ‘Mummy’ and you’ll be good to go…just don’t get wet. Or feed after midnight, sorry, I couldn’t resist.


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halloween treats on a budget - Asda

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