Gin F*ckboy Tears Ice Lollies

Gin F*ckboy Tears Ice Lollies

F*ckboy Tears. I didn’t care what the product was; I knew I had to have it. It turns out Firebox didn’t fail to disappoint and created something superb; to be precise, pink gin liqueur…with sparkles.

I hold a special place in my heart for Firebox; I love their products. There’s something about their quirky sense of humour which is similar to mine. So, when I stumble across a new product with a fantastic name and equally fascinating contents, I know it’s one for me.

We all know Gin is a popular one amongst the masses, so what better way to consume it than to place it in something different; ice lollies! Serve your party guests and have them giddy at the thought of licking F*ckboy Tears. What a great conversation starter! 

The sweet tears of fuckboys, bottled. Juicy passionfruit and tropical mango flavoured.

If the passion has gone, you gotta let that man-go. – FIREBOX

F*ckboy Tears Lollies - Gin, Elderberry & Blackberry

F*ckboy Tears Gin Liqueur
Apple & Blackberry Juice 
Sparkling Elderflower pressé


F*ckboy Tears Lollies - Gin, Elderberry & Blackberry

Place 3 Blackberries in each ice lolly mould.
Fill half with a mixture of F*ckboy Tears and Elderflower Pressé (1/3 F*ckboy Tears). 
Place in the freezer for 3 hours. 
Fill the remaining space within the mould with a mixture of F*ckboy Tears and Apple & Blackberry Juice (1/3 F*ckboy Tears).
Place in the freezer for a minimum of 5 hours, or until you’re ready to serve. 

F*ckboy Tears Lollies - Gin, Elderberry & Blackberry
  1. Silicone ice lolly moulds work well compared to plastics ones. Soft silicone moulds allow you to easily manipulate your creations without having to melt the sides of your lollies to remove. As your ice lollies contain alcohol, they melt exceptionally quickly. If you use hot water to thaw them out of your moulds, you’ll end up with a slushy rather than a lolly!
  2. Go easy on the Gin! Gin doesn’t freeze, however, when mixed with other drinks it will. As long as you dilute your Gin to the ratio of 2:1, you’ll be fine.
  3. Give your ice lollies a bit of a shake before placing in the freezer. Shaking removes all air bubbles and ensures that your Blackberries solidify within your lolly.

Want to get your hands on a bottle of F*ckboy Tears and try out the recipe for yourself? Here you go – Click me


*Gin was gracously gifted by Firebox, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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F*ckboy Tears Lollies - Gin, Elderberry & Blackberry


  1. saabirah lawrence

    These look so good! ? I’ve only recently started drinking gin, and never thought about making ice lollies with them, ill be using this recipe next summer.

    • Sareta

      I’ve only recently started too, I’m a sucker for anything sweet- which is why I add fruit juices and all sorts. Let me know if you give the recipe a try x


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