Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Fenty Beauty!?! “Oh Ri, this is what I came for, LIGHTNING *cough dust* sparkles every time I move”.

Ok ok, I’m sorry not sorry for that poor attempt of making that song work for my introduction – I know, I get it, I’m a walking fail – But look at the beauty that is Fenty Beauty, in particular…


Oh my gahhhhsh, let me breathe a moment, let me regain composure, ahem.

Now I guess some of you would be all “why she getting her baps all in a knot, it’s just make-up with a celeb name slapped on it”

Thiiiiis is kinda different.  Firstly, Rihanna was insanely involved with the Fenty Beauty production (belee dat)– HELLA INVOLVED – but she also broke barriers! Rihanna indeed slapped some insane diversity on the table and boy did it create waves. People were shooketh and also amazed that for the first time a product line had been launched with a vast array of foundation shades – taking into account undertones of skin in varying degrees (ashy undertones aside *side eyes make up forever and the whole tit for tat over that post), I think it’s safe to say that it’s doubtful we’ll be seeing many companies only launching the standard 10 shades of foundation from here on out (we see you ‘hunty’…come at us bros, play on playah).

Well unfortunately I don’t have mad stackz right now to grab a Fenty Beauty foundation (damned home improvements and LYFE) so that will have to come in due course, but for now let’s look at the Killawatt, because we know – WE KNOW that this was also the big buzz within the Fenty range too.

This is the Killawatt duo in shades ‘Lightning dust’ and ‘Fire crystal’ – firstly her names for her highlights are perf, these ones make me feel like she drew inspo from her Star Trek dalliance (although I could be totally wrong) but they sound very sci-fi eee so I’ll run with it.

Fenty beauty
Fenty beauty

Lightning dust is a very light peach toned based highlight with what seems to be almost extremely fine holographic shifts throughout and a faint gold base layer.

Fire crystal is paler in peachy tone when compared to its sibling, lightning dust.  It’s almost like it has a pearlescent undertone – more suited to bluer toned peeps (like me), and again a slight holographic shift is present when exposed to light.

What I’ve found different with RiRi’s highlights (can I call her that? Awaits side eye) is that she erred away from the more smooth and buttery finer grains that most highlight creators have favoured in order to get that ‘glowy’ sheen on your cheekbone and she went on for full on sparkle.  Literally did not give a flying cactus and went ‘make em shimma shimma bish’

I want to marry her already.

If you’re not a fan of a blindin’ glow up though, don’t be alarmed – you won’t be walking around like you’re attending Bestival with chunky glitter – it’s still subtle enough to rock on the daily, if that’s your thang of course 😉

Doooo iiiiiit

Lightning dust I will admit is the softer texture of the two. It’s much more buttery than Fire crystal is, but both of them pay-out really well.  There’s also no need – unless you want to – for double dipping and applying this stuff.  My fan brush dispersed this onto my cheek and POW it was bright, things got lit, found myself bellowing “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LI-I-I-I-I-IFE?!”

Gaaaaaah! It is for the beauty, it’s a gorgeous formulation and I’d love to try more (why am I too damned pale and blue toned for trophy wife? I am le sad)

Price wise, its £26 for 2 x 3.5g of product. It’s a mid-range price point I’d say – for comparison, it’s only slightly smaller than that of a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish compact which averages around £24 ish.  So whilst for me it’s a splurge, for many this is a nicely priced product and especially for one by Rihanna – like helloooo, I’ve witnessed influencers release products higher priced than Ri’s range soooooooo… Oh she’s a level headed one isn’t she?

It’s one of the prettiest, most blindin’ highlights I’ve ever laid hands on, it’s also super gorgeous when used as a lid shade and packed on – them sparkles are UNREAL YO

RIHANNA CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS AND LIKE…well, can I just have some make up? I won’t bug you again I swear*


*I can’t promise this. Good girl Zaza or something like that?..

Dayum Ri, all your make up does is ‘gimmie wild thoughts’ (wile wile wile)




Fenty Beauty is available in the UK within Harvey Nicols stores

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Zara loves all things makeup and beauty. When she’s not drooling over makeup stalls and things that she cannot afford, she’s usually slummy mummy-ing around with her two kids (and her big kid husband). She also spends her days abusing most Snapchat filters, admittedly much more than any person humanly should… oh dear! Catch her on Instagram if ya like!

*All thoughts and opinions remain the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of Sareta Fontaine.

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  1. Sareta

    Preaching to the choir over here! I’m a Fenty Beauty convert, with foundation, contouring stick and shimmer highlight stick thingy. I’ve had lots of compliments – the foundation seems to really just become a part of your skin, it sits really well.

    Let me pray to the makeup gods for you so you can get all this too. Bloomin life and home improvements.


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