Homeowner Problems – Decorating/Redecorating

Homeowner Problems – Decorating/Redecorating

Nobody ask me to go anywhere or do anything; It’s 2019 and my house needs to be lit before the end of the year.

One of my biggest ambitions in life was to be a homeowner, and just over two years ago we managed to get ourselves on the property ladder. No, it wasn’t the London-based four-bedroom home we imagined, as we had to be realistic. London house prices are bloomin’ ridiculous and we have 3 kids.

A few years ago we left our rental property in Kingston-Upon-Thames, and we moved to Colchester in Essex. What did I know about Colchester? Well, I knew it was in Essex; therefore I assumed it would be like TOWIE. Glam people, lashes, big hair and tiny dogs. Maybe a micro pig or two. Nope, nothing like the show. But, that doesn’t mean I hate it.

We have the pleasure of living across the road from a beautiful country park and we’re a short drive from at least four beaches. As for London, we’re a 50-minute train ride away from Liverpool Street; I’m able to pop back to see friends and attend those blogger events. Plus, we have that four-bedroom house that I have dreamed of all my life, we just don’t have the cash to match my interior design specifications. 

The great thing about being a homeowner is that you can decorate your home however you want. The bad side of that is the possibility of aesthetically ruining your abode. 

What’s changed I hear you say? Well, what’s the worst that can happen! If I hate it, or get overdramatic with the colour palettes, I can always change it. I’m in a good position where I can basically decorate how I want, and the hubby will trust my vision.

Now that I know what I want, I’m going to have to redecorate and change some of the things that we did when we rushed into putting our own stamp on our new home.

We started by decorating in the living room, we had dreams of Elvis and all things 1960’s but couldn’t commit. This is why we have one pink wall and nothing else. It was go big or go home, but I’m glad we didn’t! That wall and palm print wallpaper have to go. I’m dreaming of emerald greens and hints of mustard/ochre; probably introducing even more plants to the mix. I can admit, I’m addicted to visiting garden centres at the moment, and I want more house plants and a relaxing zen-worthy garden. 

The kitchen is going to be a slow and steady one. Watching the copper glitter wallpaper go up was so exciting! I love a bit of bling, and this was the only place I could envision it without it being too ‘Essex’. The hubby hated the idea of glitter at the time, but as I said, he’s starting to trust my vision. Team the copper with white metro tiles and plants; I absolutely love it. We will be replacing the cupboards and flooring at some point, but these things take time and a hearty cash injection.

The hallway and landings are simple. They have a splash of mustard on some walls along with a couple of doorframes. Think bold tribal prints meets Moroccan colour palettes. I guess you’d call that African inspired? Either way, we still need some extra coats of paint and new carpets. Let’s just say, an open can of paint and a 5-year-old don’t mix. We have navy footprints on light beige carpet to prove it. 

The master bedroom is my favourite room so far, mainly because it’s nearly finished, bar the carpet and technically the balcony. I’ve always been terrified of darkly decorated rooms, but this works. No, it doesn’t get much light during the day, but it doesn’t need to. I went with Navy with yellow and gold accents in this room; ideally, I’d love to get a gold pineapple chandelier, I just haven’t found one (yet). I wanted retro vibes with a modern twist, and we need to get some more Indian artwork. I have a thing about Hindu goddesses, they’re beautiful, with amazing stories. For some reason, I think that they compliment the room, and who else, but Kali herself takes centre stage. 

The spare room/office space is unfinished but it has a great blank canvas. It has everything it needs with the exception of a bright and airy wallpaper, and yes, you guessed it, carpet. This is the room that gets the most amount of daylight, which is why it’s the best room to work in and take pictures. It doubles up as a spare room, but ideally, the sofa bed would go into my dream office. It would be great if we could make a purpose-built home-office in the garden and this room would be for guests with a small double bed that didn’t take up so much space. 

The kids’ rooms are done, it’s just the rest of the house that needs to be decorated within the next year or so. But honestly, it’s more than liveable; I wish someone would throw some money at me so I could finish it before my tastes change. Oh, and let’s not forget about the bathrooms, *sigh.

I’ve realised that being a homeowner has endless expenses. Besides wanting to decorate, you have to live! A lick of paint is going to come second to bills and making fun memories with the kids, especially if those memories are in a hot sunny resort with endless cocktails. Some things just shouldn’t be rushed, most importantly the things that are done to place that creative stamp on your home. How else will you find the perfect excuse to stay in on a Friday night?

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