Christmas Decor with Metamorphosis Party Supplies & The Squishy Co.

Christmas Decor with Metamorphosis Party Supplies & The Squishy Co.

I’m usually really organised when it comes to Christmas, like, I’ll have my theme sorted by October. Yes, I’m one of those mums who has a theme… whether it’s a colour or a style. However, this year I’ve been uninspired to say the least… up until now that is… Thank you Metamorphosis Party Supplies and The Squishy Co.

Metamorphosis Party Supplies and The Squishy Co.Metamorphosis Party Supplies and The Squishy Co. is a small family run business with a passion for all things bright and sparkly. Lara’s creation was inspired by her little squishy’s.

Christmas decor has alway been a big thing in my house. As a child, my gran used to let me decorate her tree, it would literally be a mixture of different styles of ornaments, colours and lights. I always used to dream of the day when I would have kids and we’d all decorate the tree together wearing matching pyjamas and laughing away during the festivities.

EFF THAT. From day one, when I had my own tree and kids my thoughts had completely changed. I want Christmas to look how I want… perfect. I’m that parent that will side eye those gifted “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments because it didn’t match my colour theme. Thanks, but sorry, that is not going on my tree. Random shit that my kids made at school that has a looped piece of ribbon attached so it can delicately hang off of my tree… get stuffed! Thanks but no thanks, hang it in your bedroom please.

I am the self proclaimed Grinch of Christmas. I love Christmas, but I only love it when it’s done my way… My tree, my decorations, you can all enjoy by not touching any of it *Large Grinchy Smile*.


This year, with the help of Metamorphosis Party Supplies and The Squishy Co., I’m planning on decorating the tree with silver and white, no tinsel this year, confession… I actually hate tinsel.

I’m loving the silver glitter details and ivy filled balloons. The glitter crowns and signage in particular would look fabulous on my Christmas table. I have fab Rose Gold cutlery for special occasions, so they will certainly pop and stand out. Not sure if the kids will be touching those, but we’ll see.

This is the first year in our own house, we’re no longer renting so this year should be amazing. I think I may even agree on a real tree too, even with a crazy dog, cat and a 3 year old who will no doubt not be able to resist touching all things shiny. Ok, no glass baubles. Thats the compromise there.

Anyways, I’ll keep you guys updated, but for now, the plan is in my head and operation Christmas decor 2017 will start the very first week of December! YAY!

Metamorphosis Party Supplies & The Squishy Co. Prices start from £1.00, and are available online



  1. Zara

    Ok I’m gonna need to see a picture lol!
    I have a family member *side eye* who always buys me RANDOM tree decorations and gives them to the kids which then means they want to shove them on the tree and then ‘the person I am referring to’ expects to see them on the tree too

    Hella annoying.

    It totally messes my red green and silver theme ?

    BRING ON THE CHRISTMAAAAAAS (also good luck with the dog and the tree lol!)

    • Sareta

      Hhahahaahahaah x Eek, this is the dogs first Christmas, i recon she’ll go nuts :/


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