What to take to the ‘Best Family Festival’; Camp Bestival 2018

What to take to the ‘Best Family Festival’; Camp Bestival 2018

We’ll be taking part in this year’s Camp Bestival festivities, and while I can happily say that I am somewhat of an experienced camper, I know there are those of you who are not.

Not only did I do a lil’ happy dance when Jess, thefatfunnyone.com, told me that she was also going to Camp Bestival, I did take a moment to think about our very first time at the festival.

She explained that she had never been, nor has she ever been camping. “How do I put a tent up? Like, is there electricity and stuff?”. I’ve got you; I will take you under my wing and let you know what to expect… and no, there are no plugs for hair straighteners or chargers if you’re roughing it like me.


The first time that I ever went camping was with my other half. The very thought of sleeping in a tent and being outside didn’t compute. Like, why would you want to do that?

I come from a family who didn’t do ‘traditional UK holidays’ or walks in the countryside, this concept of sleeping under the stars and marshmallows on open fires was a myth. But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t intrigued.

My first time. Camping that is, Sheesh! Yes, I was cold, yes, I complained, yes, I woke up boiling and couldn’t understand why I had gone camping in the first place, but I did enjoy everything in between.

We’d gone to a gig, my other half was in a band you see, so I guess technically, I was a groupie, and instead of staying in a hotel, the Band camped.

Fast forward 3 or 4 years and that experience gave me the confidence to dive right in and attend my first ever festival. Camp Bestival to be precise!

Camping Essentials

Camp Bestival do have selected areas for Campervans, fabulous boutique pre-made accommodation, but I will be ‘roughing it’. So, you’ll need a tent. If you don’t have one, take a trip to your local ‘Outdoorsy’ store and ask them everything. Might be a good idea to do a test run before the festival, and try and put it up in a garden. If you get to the festival and still have no clue, ask for help. Your new neighbour is probably super friendly and willing to lend a hand, after all, you both have something in common; you’re at the same place!

One thing I have learned is that sleeping just on top of those yoga mat type of things is ok, but it’s cold. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be cold.

Tent, blow up bed (with an electric battery powered pump) along with a sleeping bag is the luxurious version of this situation.

Yes, it sounds like a lot to bring, and yes, depending on where you’re pitching up, you may find yourself lugging this stuff for a fair while. However, you can book a Camp Bestival taxi. We didn’t last year, and I cursed and threw my fist at my other half for not forking out. Not this year, I’m not carrying anything. #SorryNotSorry

Another camping essential, ‘Fairy lights’ or a big arse flag. Sounds silly, but your kids, or not very observant other-half may need something to differentiate your tent from another. Especially if they’ve had to nip out to the loo when its dark. I think I tied some fairy lights and some streamers last year. It worked a treat.

Keeping Clean

Ok, so yeah, this is always the scary bit for me. I like a clean house, so I love a hot shower and sparkling surfaces. Just store thoughts like that in the back of your mind to be revisited when you get home.

Be prepared for showers in cubicles, like when you go swimming. Take a towel and your toiletries in a waterproof bag. Yes, you may drop them in a muddy spot before you’ve even made it in, so make sure it’s not your fave sequin designer one.

Loos. Yes, well, as the festival days progress, so does everyone’s need for the loos. Most are Port-a-loo’s. However, you can find flushable ones and Eco-friendly versions where you bury your business like a cat. I liked those, not only were you Captain planet for a second, but you GET TO BURY YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A CAT. I can’t stress this enough; it’s fun. You take a cup of sawdust in with you, do your thing and pour the sawdust on. It’s fab, honestly, truly.

I sported my favourite bumbag, yes, I took it straight back to the nineties, I didn’t care. It’s a great place to keep wipes, hand sanitiser, tissues, lip balm, money, and my phone. One hand free for my little one and the other hand free for cocktails.


Sareta Fontaine X Camp Bestival 2018    
Food and Drink

What you’ll eat and drink will largely depend on your budget and family. The first time we attended our budget was tight, so we brought food with us and cooked on a little camping stove. It was great as the weather was perfect and we had enough to last us the entire time. This did, however, mean that we had to go back and forth to the tent at meal times.

Last year, we just packed snacks and bought meals. That way we were in the festival the majority of the time and didn’t miss a thing. They had great outlets and drinks… well, let’s just say the cocktails were my primary source of hydration.

Charging your phone

Last year, the other half thought it would be a great idea to bring a Solar Powered Phone Charger. (Insert blank stare). Mate, we live in the UK, how are you powering this pointless device?!? Great idea but didn’t work out.

Camp Bestival have outlets that will charge your phone. You can buy portable chargers for a one-off fee, charge your phone on the go and return the charger. You then get a new fully loaded charger and are good to go.

Dress Code

This year’s theme is “On the Ocean Waves”, so that’s anything on and under the sea. Think Pirates, Mermaids, and Sea Life. I’m sure we’ll see a few face-painted creatures walking around.

Last year we had so many fab fancy dress outfits planned. However, days 2-3 brought rain, and our efforts were hidden under our coats. A great way to get around this if you did want to do fancy dress is to get some transparent Macs or Raincoats. Even make your jacket a part of your outfit.

Don’t want to get involved, well you don’t have to. Even if you don’t want to stick to a theme, add a bit of glitter or a smile, and you’ll still have a good time.

What am I looking forward to this year?

Well lots of laughs and giggles, and perhaps seeing a few familiar faces. There were so many amazing people last year, and it’s good to hear there will be some fab ones attending this year too! Oh, and that’s just fellow bloggers, don’t get me started on that line-up!

Here’s what a few of my faves have said about what to expect at this year’s Camp Bestival 2018 –

Camp Bestival is an opportunity to let yourself go, and it’s somewhere our little man fell in love with dressing up. So, our must take items are something we never thought we’d be packing as our little dude was never much of a costume fan. But thanks to Camp Bestival he loves it! So a pirate costume, glitter and pirate accessories are all being packed – My Two Mums

This will be my 6th CB in a row – my family and I absolutely love it – it’s the highlight of our summer. This year I’m going to be organising a warrior woman event at the festival following a body confidence talk, I’d love you to all join me – so bring your ears and your bodies in bikinis and let’s do something fun/ scary/ empowering. I promise you will not regret it. It will be a time to remember. – Style Me Sunday

I cannot wait for this year’s Camp Bestival! Our essentials will be a foldable trolley to save tired legs (there is plenty of walking) our toddler carrier and bumbag. But whatever you do: don’t forget the GLITTER! – Mother Freckle

I love hot coffee on a chilly morning and cold gin on a warm evening. I plan to be prepared for both scenarios ✌?- Hunger Mama


Camp Bestival tickets are still available (as of 22/05/18) if you grab one, let me know, let’s meet up! x



*Tickets have been gifted, therefore, our Camp Bestival experience will be shared with our readers.  All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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