Bing Halloween Pumpkin

Bing Halloween Pumpkin

Ziggy and I accepted the Cbeebies challenge to create our very own Bing Halloween Pumpkin. Obviously, I thought this would be easy… yeah, right!

Bing – An Emmy Award-winning British CGI-animated children’s television series based on the books by Ted Dewan. It is broadcast on UK TV channel CBeebies the series follows a pre-school bunny named Bing as he experiences the world around him. It uses small everyday occurrences to demonstrate how he learns new ways to manage situations with the help of his carer, Flop and friends. – Wiki

He’s a black cartoon (CGI) rabbit that has many friends with equally cute names… my fav? Oh, Coco, she’s adorbs. With Halloween soon approaching, we thought we’d share some kiddy friendly pumpkin decorating inspo. Halloween doesn’t always have to be creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky– especially for your little ones. Zigs isn’t into all that ghoulish stuff quite yet.

We headed to our local grocery shop, purchased a mega heavy pumpkin (Ziggy’s choice of course), got it home and started decorating!

Our Bing Pumpkin…

Yep, this was much harder than I thought (LOL), but we don’t like following instructions, so we went ahead and winged it. Obviously, I think this is a massive mummy fail, but Ziggy couldn’t be happier. He literally had the best time making this and believe it or not, thinks this pumpkin actually looks like who it’s supposed to. Ah, to have the creative mind of a 3-year-old, it would be brilliant, bless him.

Fancy trying out the roasted pumpkin seeds Zachary was making? Well, you’re in luck – Recipe ? #YoureWelcome

If you’d like to join in with all the fun, here’s a Bing pumpkin template you can download, a ‘How To’ pumpkin tutorial and other Bingster pumpkins here!

Do let us know how you get on, give us a shout if you upload a pic to your Instagram feed ? Oh! And don’t forget to include @BingBunny #WhatWouldFlopDo #BingBunny #Bingspiration


*Sponsored post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own (and Ziggy’s in this case)*


  1. Zara

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE bing! – both my kids adore(d) it – my son actually understood potty training from it and now my daughter is obsessed with bing, Charlie moreso!
    We’re gonna do pumpkins next week too, I don’t think I’ll have black spray to attempt a bing bunny head but maybe a bing carving

    Ok I’m asking too much of myself – IT LOOKS FAB!

    • Sareta

      Aw! Yep, Zigs loves Bing too- it’s so cute x Have a try with the template, it’s probably wayyyyyy easier than my attempt loooool! x

  2. Denise

    This is so cool and Ziggy as always is adorable!!! Great post xx

  3. Hayles

    Bing is such a chump, but I love this! Zigs is loving every minute bless him. X

  4. Cee

    Sooo good. One day I will try to be crafty like you. I know my kids would love it x

  5. Leah

    So much cuteness! I think my 2 year old niece likes Bing, although I could’ve just made that up. I’ve never actually decorated a pumpkin but have seen some Unicorn ones recently so this may be the year I give it a go!

  6. Tamu

    That bing is a Halloween bing alright! My nephew loves bing and I agree re coco.

    You guys did a great job ? ?. I am impressed with Ziggy actually.

    Thanks for bleach tip! Thoroughly enjoyed this and your video toooooo cute!

  7. Lizzie

    So I just googled Bing to compare..

    and the best thing is that you tried right? hahahahahahahahahaha

  8. My Two Mums

    Loved that you had to buy the BIGGEST pumpkin lol



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