Best Mummy meetups… Instagram style

Best Mummy meetups… Instagram style

Mummy Meetups, what are they all about? Whether you’re new to the ‘Parent Blogger’ world or you’re a mum who just wants an excuse to get out and meet likeminded people… I’m sharing a few Mummy Meetups that you may want to add to your diary!

Fellow mums, I don’t know about you, but the very thought of finding an outfit that fits and thinking about the possibility of wearing heels for 6 hours fills me with dread. Going out is one of those things that I’m starting to hate. I’m 36 and my favourite past time is napping in the afternoon with my favourite blanket.

Yes, I realise that I’m not even past it yet, but one of those perfect-bodied energetic ladies I am not. I’ve noticed that going out is completely different nowadays. No one dances, no one breaks a sweat. It’s all perfect pouting and standing still whilst drinking cute low-cal drinks. Boreoff.

What happened to clearing a space in the middle of the dancefloor and dancing around your handbags? What happened to foam parties? What happened to handkerchief tops and Chinese slippers? Ok, I’m showing my age now, but when did going out become so serious?

Since becoming an “Insta Mum” or “Mummy Blogger”, I have gotten to know other mums and followed quite a few on Instagram. Remember that Mummy Blogger post? Then you’ll also recollect my love-hate relationship with some of those mummy blogger types.

If you’re like me and have a love-hate relationship with venturing out and wearing clothes that may show off your best (worst) assets. Maybe a mummy meetup might be your best chance of having a genuinely good night out.

Top Friendly Mummy Meetups   


If the name is anything to go by, Pizzup is pretty self-explanatory. “An informal night out (on the razzle dazzle if you so wish) with a bunch of brilliant muthas, eating Pizza, drinking Prosecco and dancin’ to some seriously epic tunes” Says organiser Lorna Hayward.

In a nutshell, this is right up my alley, food, drinks and no bad vibes.

Savvy Social

Boasts “Cocktails, goodies and entertainment”. A fabulous night out hosted by Mummy Blogger ‘The Savvy Mummy’. Expect themes, friendly faces and the most Instagrammable props.

Tickets sell out quickly for this one, so keep an eye out so you don’t get a case of the FOMO‘s.

The Hotbed Collective

If you’re a bit shy and reserved, maybe give this one a miss. Cherry Healey, Anniki Sommerville, and Lisa Williams talk Sex and relationships during a live recording of their Podcast in front of an audience. Think eavesdropping on a convo by the ladies from Sex and the City, but you’re invited to pull up a chair and get involved.

Naughty laughs a-plenty, and a bit of a dance and mingle afterward. These ladies know how to put on a show!

Lucky Things Meetup

“Connecting confidence to your career & wellbeing”- Lucky Things. If you’re into self-care and motivational speaking then a Lucky Things Meetup is where you need to go.

A diverse crowd of friendly females getting together to improve their way of thinking and meeting some new people. A great one for those of you who may have been out of a social loop for a while or just fancy speaking to grown-ups for once.

The Lucky Things organiser, Sunita, also throws an amazing “Let’s Dance” event every so often; less self-care and more old skool tunes and sick dance moves.

Know of any other friendly mummy meetups? Drop the details in the comment box below, share the love.



  1. Zara

    These sound fabulous! Hopefully one day I can make them, pizzup sounds fabulous!

    • Sareta

      Next Kiki BB meet up! 😀


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