Before I Turn 40 – My Bucket List

Before I Turn 40 – My Bucket List

If you know me personally, you know I’m looking forward to turning 40. In my mind, that’s when I’ll have all my shit together and I’ll be on some grown-lady vibe paying no mind to negativity or drama.

I recently turned 37, and as much as it wasn’t a particular milestone, I am happy at where I am in life. I’ve never really had major goals outside of having a family and being a homeowner, so anything else is just a bonus.

I’m not your typical blogger or typical 37-year-old in general, so to some, my bucket list may be somewhat unconventional or weird. Either way, it’s mine, so accept it, embrace it or move on.

Ride in a Hummer Limo

Is this trashy and outdated? Who bloody knows, but it’s been on my list for years now. I guess the only thing that’s changed is the colour option. No longer do I want to ride in a pink one, black would be good enough, and extremely dope AF. 

Limo- Home Alone

Be in a Panto

Is this even achievable? I know the majority of leading actors and actresses probably went to Rada, but I have seen a couple of reality stars guest appearing in Pantomimes now and again. I wouldn’t mind popping in and having a couple of lines in order to tick this off of my bucket list.

Act in a horror movie

Don’t get it twisted. Before all these maniacs surface and think that I actually want to die in real life. I don’t. But I do want to be in a horror movie. I can’t act, I’m not very theatrical, but I do want to be in a movie. Figure it out, I’m sure I’ll meet a director who wants me to die a spectacular death, or at least survive one.

giphy-Zombie- Walking dead

Be a Zombie for a day

Maybe this goal and the above could be interlinked somehow. I’ve always thought I’d manage to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Ok, so I wouldn’t necessarily be a “Michonne” type, but I’d be able to avoid those slow-paced walkers pretty easily. However, if we’re talking about quick 28 Day Later Zombies, yes, apparently they are Zombies, I’d be laying low. I’m not running if there’s no chance of survival, let’s be realistic now.

Be Mr Blobby’s long-lost child

By now you can probably tell that these life goals aren’t necessarily professional or, like, crazy ambitious. They are, however, things that I honestly want to achieve within the next three years. Admittedly, this aim, is probably the weirdest. Yes, I would love to be a Mr Blobby type of mascot for the day.

In the ’90s, I thought Mr Blobby had the best job. Ever. You could literally be crazy, take the piss and jump all over people for fun. I wouldn’t particularly enjoy being on the receiving end of his antics, because, although he is hilarious, he is simultaneously terrifying. That voice sends shivers down my spine while making me laugh at how he terrorises everyone. Being on the inside of one of those suits and wreaking havoc alongside the real Mr Blobby would be a dream come true. *Weeps.

giphy-sex and the city - carrie and Big

Visit New York and take a pic on a stoop

I guess this is probably a grown-up goal? I mean, I’ve been to NYC a couple of times, but never with the hubby. He did that whole yah-yah, gap year thing. He got into the University of his choice, deferred for a year then went to NYC and illegally outstayed his welcome. It would be good to go with him so he can show me what he got up to and I can pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw for a bit. Those NYC stoops are so iconic, I want to be pictured on one.

Go to Essence Festival

Admittedly, reasons for wanting to attend Essence Festival were solidified when I watched Girls Trip. Yes, I’d heard and seen many amazing things about the black girl magic that is Essence Fest. However, being in the UK, you don’t get to see the entire picture. An entire weekend of amazingness, Bouji New Orleans hotels with my girl Tiffany Haddish, Grapefruit discussions and Absinth just sounds spectacular. Wait, what?

Meet Oprah

I cry. I mean, this is the only goal that would be difficult to achieve since it’s not just entirely down to me. Plus, Aunty Oprah is just…way up there with the semi-‘unachievableness‘ that is…Oprah. I know I should be manifesting this, visualising the when, where and how; six degrees of separation really is a thing. I know someone who has met her at least twice, therefore meeting Oprah isn’t really that unattainable, right? Oprah is truly an inspirational figure. Whenever I feel like a motivational boost, she’ll come through with some magical wisdom. Having ‘wow moment’, after ‘wow moment’ and I’m ready to internalise and fixate on my dreams and goals. Whew, chile, I have a lot of thanking to do! Plus, Oprah Winfrey’s audiobook, ‘The Path Made Clear‘ was released today. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.


So that’s it. I have three years to work on this bucket list. I’m not really asking for many universe! Even if I manage to be Mr Blobby’s kid in a horror movie who then turns into a Zombie, I would have achieved something. Maybe I could rock up to rehearsals in a hummer limo and fly to NYC and sit next to Oprah on the way. Wrap up filming and attend Essence festival. I could take to the stage, invited, of course, explaining how I manifested smashing my bucket list goals.

See, now the ending of that seemed pretty realistic, right? Oh, and the Pantomime thing…I’ll fit that in somewhere, I have 3 Christmas’ to go! Anything is possible.

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  1. Char

    “BE MR BLOBBY’S LONG-LOST CHILD” – this is the kind of content I signed up for!

    char xo

    • Sareta

      I need to get on it. I reckon I could do it all this year if I put my mind to it.


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