Sareta Fontaine - Content Creator


Creating content is a passion that has evolved from still imagery to a combination of digital media. Sareta creates content using methods such as photography & professional editing, videography & video editing, alongside creative writing.

Her methods consist of visual art, brand awareness, storytelling, high-quality visuals, and moving imagery.


Women Who Rebrand is a weekly podcast that champions growth, inspiring women to live authentically while navigating through the challenges of modern-day life.

Produced and hosted by ‘award-winning blogger & influencer’ Sareta Fontaine & friends. In each episode, the podcast features professional ‘rebranders’.

Women Who Rebrand by Sareta Fontaine
Sareta Fontaine


Sareta’s writing experience has developed, evolving from creating an award-winning blog to script and creative writing.

Throughout her journey, visual art, storytelling, and moving imagery have all contributed to her career and personal development.

Greetings cards

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