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Sareta Fontaine @HeySareta

Sareta Fontaine - Content Creator, Writer & Podcaster

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Freelance creative, collector of gifs and old skool UK Garage fan.


Content creation 'ashtag ADs: collaborations

Creating content is a passion that has evolved from still imagery to a combination of digital media. Sareta creates content using methods such as photography & professional editing, videography & video editing, alongside creative writing.

Most Wanted – @HeySareta

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Original creative blank cards created by Sareta Fontaine. Give to a friend or keep and frame your favourite designs.

Shantay You Sleigh! - Rupaul Christmas Card

Blank greetings cards & postcards; Birthdays, Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas, and every celebration in between!

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Petty Blank Card – £3.50

Christmas cards - Sareta Fontaine

Blank Cards from £3.50

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