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‘Content is King’; I’m a digital artist that produces ad deliverables for brands and small businesses.

WOAH BABES, it doesn’t stop there! I also write creative stories and design lifestyle merchandise. Check out my online store



Content creator, writer, and influencer. I have worked with well-known brands such as Most Wanted Wines, Google, and Danone to create unique and authentic content using a wide range of creative skills.

Creating content for brands is a passion that has evolved from still imagery to a combination of digital media.

My methods consist of brand awareness, storytelling, high-quality visuals, and moving imagery.

I put everything into my work, and through research, cross-departmental brainstorming, and social media trends, I play a key role for brands – not just in executing a brief, but as part of the end-to-end creative process.



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Guest appearances, panel discussions, tv & Advertisements 

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Literary agent: ANDLYN Davinia Andrew-Lynch

Mums That Rave - Guest Panelist

“We were privileged to have Sareta on one of our panels. She brought so much cool and relatability, which really resonated with our guests. Sareta is such a delight, glamorous, funny, authentic and did we say funny? The dopest mum out there!”- Yvadney & Nikki, Mums That Rave

Mums That Rave 2019 – Guest Panelist

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